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Can Apple replace my phone if it’s cracked?

Can Apple replace my phone if it’s cracked?

Have you got your iPhone cracked and worried about its replacement by Apple? 

As phones are used more frequently in our lives nowadays. So, there are chances of getting it cracked. It may be fallen from your lap while you are leaving your couch, or it may slip down from your hands, or you may accidentally drop it in the toilet.

Whatever has happened, you must have a question as you have spent a reasonable amount, “Will it be replaced? ”

So, let’s explore the replacement programs, your legal rights, and various aspects for such mishaps taken place to your device.

Warranty Status

Firstly, check out the warranty. If you are not out of warranty then speedily ask them for a replacement.( Telefoon reparatie rotterdam)

But if you are out of warranty, then check your 1st-year manufacturer’s warranty. If you are under that, pay the replacement charges according to your device model and get it done.

If you own AppleCare+, then you may ask for a replacement by paying the replacement charges at any time. Apple doesn’t warranty for a spiderweb-like crack. The warranty for a hairline crack, single line crack.

Your Legal Right

If you have had your iPhone one year or two, there are laws that may mean apple or the company that sold it to you, have to replace it on damage for free.

Apple Warranty Includes

Apple’s warranty covers the device’s hardware and accessories contained in original packing for defects in materials and workmanship if used according to the guidelines provided for users.

Apple Warranty doesn’t include

It doesn’t claim for damage from accidents, disassembling the device, unauthorized service, and unauthorized modifications. Apple states in its legal document that the warranty doesn’t apply to damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse, liquid contact, fire, earthquake, or external use.

AppleCare+ includes

If you have got your applecare+, then you have technical support for up to two years of additional hardware coverage and up to two years of accidental damage coverage.

You may get applecare+ for an amount of £89/$99. Under applecare+, you are only able to replace your phone twice in case of accidental damage. 

Using Only Apple for you Device Repair!

If you got damaged your Apple iPhone, don’t hover here and there for getting it fixed. Apple recognizes it and voids your warranty. Then, you’ll only have the option to buy a new device.

Please don’t repair your device anywhere else. It’ll waste your money and time. Call up Apple and let them handle it.

Don’t try DIY

Moreover don’t try to mess up with it yourself. Apple has created the battery without a protective shell to save some space inside. Any dent or puncture to the battery may result in you losing your precious life.

How to ask Apple for replacement?

You can send your iPhone to Apple for service or you may take it directly to the store. Make sure to backup your data before placing for a replacement!

They’ll replace it according to their statements for free or will ask for replacement charges if you don’t own a free replacement.(Phone Repair Shop Coventry)

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