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Factors that influence the app development cost

Factors that influence the app development cost

It is not surprising that there is a tremendous increase in the usage of smartphones and tablets in our daily routine. This is the only reason for an increase in demand for Apps in the market. Therefore every organization is trying to develop an app for their business that will help them to stand out from their competitors. The needs of an app can be the organizational need or the customer’s need.

If you have an innovative idea for a mobile app then the foremost question arises in your mind is How much it cost to develop an app? Everybody needs a high-quality app at a low price from an app development company whether it is based on the UK, USA or India. But the cost of app development depends on various factors according to the client’s needs. Here we cover some important factors that influence the app development cost:  

Development team

According to project requirements, the development team should be basic or highly skilled that directly influence the cost of app development. The development team includes Project manager, Strategy analysts, UX/UI designer, and Developers. If you want to have a basic design(simple colors, basic features, no animation) then you can save money on the user interface, a proper UX designer can do this. App development cost also depends on team hourly rates and development time plus how much work is handled by the outsourcing development team and internal team.


There are a number of platforms available and deciding on which platform you want to develop your app is the most important task. Every platform required a different approach for designing and development that influence the cost of the app development. Most of the business develop their app for Android and iOS platforms. You can also develop the app for platforms including virtual assistants like Alexa, Messaging, and IoT products. So first you have to decide the platform then figure out the development cost.

Native or Hybrid app 

After deciding the platform for your app, you will also decide the type of app you want to be developed. Most of the clients want to launch a mobile app for both iOS and Android platforms. So, the Native or Hybrid app which is best for you is the first question that arises in mind while developing a mobile app. In that case, it is good to choose the hybrid app to save time and also lower down the cost of development. But when you have to implement more advanced technology and app that requires UI feature and animations then native app platform is more cost-effective.

Backend and API cost

Every app requires a backend to host the data and to store the content and we need an API built upon any cloud-based server like AWS  to allows communication between an app and its backend. So, increasing the number of variables involved in Backend can directly influence the cost of app development.  By adding every data source requires an additional API to communicate with existing API’s also impact the development cost.

Third-Party Integration

Apps are consist of a number of features that also include third-party app features. This third party integration needs more development time and testing that influence the app development cost. The third-party integration depends upon the app requirements, if the app is based on your location then it needs to be integrated with GPS. Third-party app features also include Social media widgets, analytics panel, payment gateways, etc. To minimize the cost, lower the number of third party integration (according to requirement) in the first release of the app.


If you planned to launch your app in the number of different markets based on their locality then this would increase the cost of app development. So localization has a big impact on development costs because you should develop the app that supports different languages and also each region have their own rules and regulations, your app must fulfill their requirements. Customer support is also an important factor to be considered when you want to launch your app in a different region that will increase the cost a little bit. 


The animation is the most important feature in an app to attract customers. Adding animation to the interface gives the app an extra addon so that people want to come more and more. Some of the advantages of using animation are:

  • It increased Usability
  • Keep originality
  • Easy interaction
  • Providing clear feedback to users
  • Done several function simultaneously

But if you used the number of animations unnecessarily in the interface of the app it will directly influence the cost of development.  

Post-release cost

The cost of app development is not only influenced by the cost of designing and programming, but you should also include the money spend on marketing of an app before its launch. Here is some post-marketing strategy which should be followed by any business to promote their app:

  • Build an online presence through website
  • Social media promotion(paid or organic)
  • A press release or Guest blogging
  • App Store Optimization
  • Google ads
  • Influence marketing

This will add some additional money to the overall cost of app development.

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