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Latest Android Security Rolls out in May 2019

Latest Android Security Rolls out in May 2019

The 2019 May Android Security update is out and running and it is the right time to understand what does it offers for the Google Pixel Phones. It is just as usual that Google has rolled out a new security update which fixes any vulnerability that is in circulation.

The most critical patch in this update is for the Media Framework that had the potential to enable a remote attacker to use a specific file to execute code while staying within the context of the privileged process.

Other vulnerabilities include a framework that was targeting malicious applications to bypass user interaction requirements. The 01- 05-2019 security patch also addresses some high and critical vulnerability in the system which includes NVIDIA, Broadcom and Qualcomm vulnerabilities.

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In regards to vulnerabilities and patches, the search engine giant Google writes,

“We have no reports of consumer abuse of the recently reported issues.”

The Android 9 Pie updates are listed available for all Google Pixel Phones, even the newer Pixel 3XL smartphones.

The recent update is available at the start of Google I/O 2019. Google’s developer based event is set to see a lot of updates and announcements related to the Android OS . People are also speculating about the unveiling of the new addition of the Pixel phone which could be in the form of Pixel 3a or 3aXL. Both over-hyped devices are said to target the mid-range market, but they are said to straddle the high-end phones with their specifications and features.

The Google I/O has been anticipated for the release of the next beta version of Android Q. This version will be the third of Android Q which is a successor of the beta 2 version released at the start of April 2019. Google has confirmed that there will be a total of six beta version before the final product hits the market in the third quarter of the ongoing year.

Google Pixel 3 can download the recently released security update from Google developer Site. Alternatively, users have to wait until the update is available on devices or you can manually check by simply;

1. Go to settings.

2. Click system settings

3. Select Advanced

4. Go to System Update

5. Click check for update

The update will be downloaded and installed automatically.

These updates ensure that the user stays protected from security threats. Alternatively, users can make full use of Android privacy tools to stay anonymous and protected with state of the art encryption.

Google strives to provide security to its users, and this is why every now and then it rolls out an update. The search engine giant is making Android a safer platform just like Apple did. The two giants of the tech world are competing with one another in terms of security and protecting the data of their user. This is mainly because the world is now getting enlightened with the perks of protecting the privacy and is well aware how fraudsters are manipulating with their data.

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