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American’s need novelty to upgrade their phones:

American’s need novelty to upgrade their phones:

As we all know that Huawei 5G phones have been effectively banned in the US barring smartphone users from buying the latest Huawei phones. OnePlus phones are available only with T-Mobile in the US. Other brands like BlackBerry, Palm, Oppo, Vivo take a backseat due to their tie-up with limited carriers and other reasons. Due to these factors, there is lack of availability of smartphone brands in the US and the smartphone users in the US are left with the option to choose only between Apple (from US company) and Samsung (from US-allied company – South Korea). This has narrowed down the user’s choice of smartphones to the limited range of phone models from the two brands. The smartphone market in the US has reached saturation point because the smartphone users are not willing to change their Apple or Samsung phones because both the companies are not able to serve for value for money with their new models. The specifications of new models do not boast off much of technological advancement. So, the smartphone users in the US are content with their existing models and prefer to use them for a longer duration as they have already paid a hefty amount while buying those models. Only the users who desire to move on to newer models for sake of show-off or craze of owning the latest models, prefer to upgrade their phones. Whereas, the majority of people believe that there is no need to upgrade their phone until they find any significant improvement in the technology. Users can be tempted to move on to a new Samsung or Apple phone only when latest and premium smartphones are launched with noteworthy technological enhancement or at affordable pricing.

If the prices of the latest launches of Samsung and Apple goes down in addition to the implementation of faster-paced improved technology in the smartphones, then there is a possibility that the Americans upgrade their phones sooner than the current rate. Samsung and Apple, in coordination with various network providers, offer latest smartphones at lucrative deals to promote sales. Users buy such phones but with the condition that they will get network for a fixed period.

Unlocking Samsung phone

Sometimes users refrain from buying such contracted phones due to the limitation of sticking to one network provider for a fixed period. If you are also one such user who wants to move on to a new Apple or Samsung phone but are dicey because you do not want to own a locked phone, then you will be happy to know that you can unlock the network of a locked phone legally.

One can unlock a Samsung phone or even Apple phone from its current network to give you the flexibility to choose your desired network provider. If you own an old locked Samsung or Apple phone which was purchased some time back on a discounted deal, and you want to sell it off for upgrading your device with the latest version of Samsung or Apple, then also you should unlock your old Samsung or Apple phone as it will give you better resale value of your current phone thereby making your new purchase more affordable for you. The way to unlock Samsung phone of any year is same i.e. hire a phone unlocking service online.

A phone unlocking service can help you to unlock Samsung phone by providing you unlock network code unique to your device. This network unlock code is generated by legal means by the phone unlocking service online. The phone unlocking service collects IMEI number, country and carrier details of your phone from you via their online form, which is usually available on their website, to generate an authentic unlock network code which is unique to your device. On replacing the current SIM card with a SIM card of new network provider in your phone and entering this generated phone unlock code, your phone will unlock with immediate effect. Phone unlocking services like resolves the task to unlock Samsung phone, irrespective of its global location, sooner and more efficiently than elsewhere in the industry.

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