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Knowing These Secrets Will Make Your Selenium Training Look Amazing

Knowing These Secrets Will Make Your Selenium Training Look Amazing

The World is changing from manual to automation. Automation testing has made tester’s life so much easier. Some years back software application was tested manually and the challenges faced by the Companies mainly was a lot of time consumption and precision challenge. In order to resolve these obstacles, automation tools were created. Even though lots of tools are now there in the market. Selenium is one such tool which is everyone’s first choice. Surprisingly, even after completing 14 years since its foundation in 2004 and facing lots of changes – still, it remains one of the most in-demand and sought-after automation tools.

Anyone who plans to make a successful career in Testing should have automation skill set for sure. Demand and Competition have immensely grown for automation testers in the last few years. This makes it mandatory for a tester who has been into manual testing to level up his automation skill by taking the training at the Best place possible. When it comes to gaining complete expertise in Selenium – only one word comes into my mind and i.e. TestLeaf.

Why TestLeaf?

Expert guidance by thorough professionals who teach you in a real-time environment. 100+ homework and assignments are given to the participants who are apart from classroom practical sessions. They give you in-depth preparation of the concepts and that too from basics to advanced. Live projects make sure you are ready technically for the market demands. Also, they assist you in interview prep and resume rebuilding to make you stronger in the competitive world. All this and more during TestLeaf the best selenium training in Chennai ensures that a candidate is a perfect choice for any company as an Automation Tester.

Let me share a few secrets that will make your selenium training very easy and interesting.

Stop repetitive and ordinary manual testing works. Whatever you learn during your selenium training sessions even the basic concepts – start implementing it slowly and with confidence in your current manual testing projects

Begin with small steps. In the beginning, just pick simple and small test cases you test manually on a frequent basis and try to automate the same initially. Do not make a mistake of automating difficult test cases at the beginning which lessens your chances of gaining confidence and becoming experts

More the practice more you excel – That’s 100% true. First of all, brush up your programming concepts. That is very important. What you learn should be continuously put into practice only then you can get skilled up and the software quality can be achieved by continuously automating manual test cases.

Once you start with your training on Selenium – do not try to automate or apply the concepts in everything. That can lead to failure so before you start, understand clearly which tests need to be automated and few things work better when done manually. The below points may help you determine what can be automated and what not

Automate – Yes

  • You can automate important and repetitive test cases used in every release cycle.
  • The slowest & monotonous test cases which have more likelihood of getting more mistakes if tested manually.
  • Test Cases which very critical to the business or has exposure to high
  • Automating easy test cases which are easy to automate makes it profitable.

Automate – NO

  • Test Cases which may take maximum effort to automate and may surpass the output is not worth automating.
  • Rarely performed test cases.
  • Test Cases which need continuous changes
  • Such test cases which mandatorily has to be manually tested.
  • Test cases which are for little importance

Dynamic features of Selenium tools that make it the best automation tool in the market –

Open-source tool – that means it is free of cost

Vast community support available worldwide

We can execute it in any OS

Supports parallel test execution which reduces time

Supports different languages like Java, Python, C#, Ruby, Perl, Php, Javascript

It supports iPhone and Android testing also

Availability of Frameworks

It has an effective presence in DevOps lifecycle

Easy amalgamation with other tools.

Hope all this makes it clear as to why you should go for Selenium training in Chennai and what can be achieved with the same. Give your best and reach success through automation skill. All the Best!

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