Top 5 Amazing Apps 2018

Check out this video to find out all that there is to these awesome Android apps. Get insights, information and acknowledge details about these apps that no one ever told you before

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Gallery Doctor

Gallery Doctor is not a photo manager, it’s a photo cleaner app. It removes all the photos are not good in quality or have pixilation after taking confirmation from the user.

WIFI Mapper

This app detects wifi networks around the user’s smart devices. Through this app, you can avoid heavy roaming charges internet. You can connect to any open wifi network through WIFI Mapper.

Picture This

Meet the exciting new application that is build to detect plants.

Map of Life

Install Map of life today and get the most advanced geographic biodiversity knowledge at your fingertips.

Leena Launcher

To experience a desktop operating system on your android device, simple install Leena launcher and enhance the User Interface of your android device.