Alstroemeria Flowers

Alstroemeria flowers are also referred to as Peruvian lilies. These flowers come in many colors and are the most affordable flowers for your wedding. Alstroemeria makes the perfect bouquet for your wedding and does not have scents that may lead to allergies. These flowers mostly bloom from large spring or early summer.

Alstroemeria flowers have striped petals and are perfect for a home garden. These perfect flowers symbolize friendship and devotion. They are also available everywhere depending on the type that you want. These flowers are perfect for your wedding arrangement because they last longer if they are cared for well. Here are some of the alstroemeria flowers to make your wedding special.

Alstroemeria Flowers Types

These beautiful flowers come in different colors and species. The alstroemeria types have beautiful colors that you may use to make your wedding special. These flowers are widely available and are used for decoration purposes as well.



Adonis is a type of alstroemeria flower that has bright petals. These petals are curved inwards at a lovely angle. These alstroemeria flowers grow best in a sheltered place, a little bit of shade, or full sun. Adonis type has bright-yellow flowers which make the best gifts for the wedding. They look perfect when arranged in vases or bouquets. You can also use them to decorate the wedding venue.



Aimi is a type of alstroemeria flower that is 30- inch- tall. They grow from June to November. Aimi creamy white flowers and look best in vases or containers. These flowers are lovely, and you can use them to decorate your wedding to make it memorable. They are also perfect gifts for the newlywed. It shows that you love and appreciate them.

Alstroemeria Aurea

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These beautiful flowers grow during the summer. They have small petals that look like orchids. Alstroemeria Aurea has yellow or orange flowers, and sometimes they have stripes or specks that are darker in color.

When growing, these flowers form bushy shapes and grow up to three feet high. These alstroemeria varieties are the perfect arrangement for your wedding. They are lovely, and you should use them to decorate your wedding or even as gifts.

Alstroemeria Light

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These types grow up to three feet long. They come in scarlet, pink, and orange colors and make any event beautiful. These flowers are the perfect bouquet for your wedding celebrations. Also, use them as gifts or for decoration purposes, and your wedding will be unforgettable.



Antarctica is a lovely flower that grows up to 16 inches. They have white petals with dark stripes. This lovely type grows during the summer and is easy to maintain. It looks lovely when arranged in a container or vase. Use them to decorate your wedding or as gifts. You will enjoy the beauty of these lovely flowers, and you will also love them.

Blue Heaven

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Blue Heaven is another lovely variety of alstroemeria flowers that grow up to three feet high. They have beautiful flowers with blue petals and yellow throats. These lovely flowers grow from June to November, and they love a lot of suns or little shades. These flowers are the best flowers for your wedding, making your wedding arrangement look beautiful. You can use these beautiful flowers for decoration purposes as well.

Blushing Bride

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Blushing bride types have white petals that have pink flushes. These flower types grow up to 30 inches high and bloom from June to November. These flowers do best when there is more sun. They are lovely and are the perfect gifts for your wedding.



Butterscotch grows during the summer. They have soft pink petals; their throat is yellow. This flower grows up to four inches high and loves the sun or partial shade. They also have lovely green leaves and strong stems. These beautiful types make perfect gifts for your wedding. You can as well use them for decoration purposes. Their beauty will make your wedding arrangement perfect.



Candy is another type of alstroemeria flower that is pink in color and grows up to three fits tall. These lovely flowers are easy to grow and maintain. They are also perfect for any occasion due to their beauty. You can use these types to decorate your wedding or as gifts also. Your wedding will look unique with these lovely alstroemeria types.



The Cindy alstroemeria type has creamy-white petals with pink and yellow throats. This flower grows up to three feet tall and makes the edges and borders when grown. These flowers are also bright, and everyone will enjoy them. Use Cindy’s arrangement to make your wedding special.


Alstroemeria flowers are lovely flowers that have many types. They have beautiful colors that make any event perfect. To make your wedding special, use these flowers. You can use them to decorate the wedding or as a wedding gift.

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