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All-in-one computer, advantages and functionalities Pc

All-in-one computer, advantages and functionalities Pc

An all-in-one or all-in-one computer is one of the most fashionable types of PC. Although there is not yet a great variety of models on the market, more and more brands are betting on bringing to market some all-in-one computer design.

What is an all-in-one computer

An all-in-one computer is a PC that in a single element contains all the components necessary to function. These types of devices have the processor integrated into the desktop screen and a single cable and PowerPoint. This makes it easy to turn on and off and makes everything more collected.

Most all-in-ones on the market are multi-touch and do not require peripherals such as a mouse or keyboard connected to the all-in-one computer.

Main advantages of an all-in-one computer

Its large screen, a key point of the all-in-one computer

It is very practical to work, play, or watch videos. The fact that an all-in-one computer has a large screen and excellent resolution, as well as no profusion of cables, means that in many homes it is routinely used as a Smart TV as well as a desktop PC. This advantage is also highly appreciated by some players for their video game games.

The all-in-one- have a careful design

These computers are carefully designed and elegant. This makes them very attractive as a family desktop PC for a commonplace in the home, such as a living room or study. Or for some types of business in which the all-in-one computer will be facing the public. They are also visually more aesthetic because they require nothing more than a cable.

An all-in-one computer makes it easy to clean and tidy up your desk

It is often difficult to keep the desktop tidy and pristine all day. Peripherals, cables, mats, and others hinder cleaning and take up a large part of the work table. The same cannot be said of an all-in-one computer. This is perfect for those who like to have a clean and clear work table. Or those who need it to have more than just computer components and have a small workspace.

The part that is usually the most uncomfortable to clean, that of the cables, here you save it.

Save space with an all-in-one computer

Even if you choose an extra-large screen all-in-one computer model (there are 34 ″), the space savings compared to other types of desktop computers is very remarkable. This is an important factor, especially in common family rooms and workspaces.

Improve energy consumption

In other words, they are more ecological and allow saving on the electric bill. Two great advantages that are worth taking into account. This is because they consume very little energy compared to other alternatives. Its energy requirement is one more point in its favor.

Disadvantages of an all-in-one computer

Everything is new in an all-in-one computer, and that has a monetary cost

And everything means exactly that: everything. The main disadvantage of an all-in-one computer compared to another type of desktop computer is that you will not be able to reuse some elements such as the monitor, for example. You are facing a whole new team. From beginning to end. And, of course, that makes its price higher than if you only had to buy one item and take advantage of others.

The poor portability of this type of PC

Compared to a Best laptop for Pentesting, an all-in-one computer loses in this regard. It is not a type of computer to move regularly away from home. Even at home, it is less comfortable to move from one room to another than other alternatives such as barebones. But it will always be easier than moving a PC tower and its monitor, especially due to the mess of cables and peripherals that you will save yourself from moving.

The fact of being all-in-one, the main disadvantage of an all-in-one

An all-in-one computer has in this fact in itself its main advantage and its main disadvantage. In this last aspect, the disadvantage is that in the event of an item breaking, all the equipment has been broken. It does not mean that it has no fix, but it does mean that in the meantime you will not be able to use any part of the computer.

For example, a broken screen or internal failure would prevent you from using your all-in-one computer until it is fixed. In other types of desktop computers, if a monitor breaks and you have an extra one, even if it is old, you could continue using the computer with it until its repair or replacement.

In the event that a major component breaks down in a way that is not repairable, you would have to dispose of all equipment, without being able to use some components for other equipment. This is a very important point to value. Especially if your budget is not very high. Or if you have an interesting previous team that you want to improve but that you will not part with.

All-in-one computer, how to choose the right one

The operating system, a basic choice according to your interest

These computers are carefully designed and elegant. This makes them very attractive as a family desktop PC for a commonplace in the home Or from your prior knowledge about each of these systems. The price difference is usually noticeable between an Apple and Microsoft, but it may not be a determining factor for you. Those interested in Apple already know that the price of their devices is always somewhat higher than those of Microsoft.

Screen, a key point for the all-in-one computer selection

Screen size is one of the things to keep in mind when choosing an all-in-one computer. It should be a size that is comfortable for you to work with the computer, watch series, or for the regular use that you are going to give it. And, obviously, it fits in the space you have for your team.

Since one of the great advantages of these computers is their screen, it would make little sense to choose a small model. Unless the rest of the advantages offered by the all-in-one are very relevant to you.

It is important to keep in mind that on the screen you should not only look at the size of the screen. Resolution is important for quality viewing.

In this type of computer, the speakers are integrated into the screen itself. If sound quality is an important factor for you, value what each model offers you.

The design of an all-in-one computer, more than just an aesthetic issue

An all-in-one computer can be standing up, so the screen is elevated, or flat, similar to a tablet that stands upright. There is no better model than another, it is only a matter of aesthetic taste and use.

If you are going to choose a model to be used basically as a touch screen for internet browsing, perhaps a flat design is more comfortable for you. For use primarily for viewing videos, movies, and series, you may find a model with a foot more interesting. But as we say, it is something that only you can decide based on your tastes.

These are the some important factor you should know before buying any laptop.

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