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AI-Powered Landing Pages – Here is Why They Are Significant

AI-Powered Landing Pages – Here is Why They Are Significant

Want your landing page to reach your potential audience? If so, then you should think about incorporating AI-powered landing pages into your inbound marketing strategy. Whether you agree with it or not, but they play a highly imperative role in helping you achieve your business goals.  They are one of the best inbound marketing tools; digital marketing professionals swear by them. 

So if you have been using regular landing pages until now, perhaps it’s time to switch from them to AI-powered landing pages. 

However, before we discuss AI-powered landing pages in detail, let’s try to understand what exactly is AI. 

Artificial Intelligence 

An abbreviation of artificial intelligence, AI is a cutting-edge technology that’s changing human life in a big way. 

Today, every business out there is using AI technology to streamline their processes and improve operational efficiency. From healthcare, education, and banking to military and agriculture, AI is transforming every single industry out there. 

AI is a perfect combination of natural language processing, machine learning, computer vision, and robotics.  It is allowing businesses to take their product manufacturing skills to a whole new level. In short, it assists them in developing cutting-edge products that help in simplifying human life considerably. 

Here is How AI is Helping Digital Marketers

Like all other industries in the world, the popularity of AI is also growing in the digital marketing industry. Digital marketers are reaping its benefits to make their inbound marketing strategy more effective. They are using AI-powered landing pages for obtaining more benefits. 

What Exactly are AI-Powered Landing Pages And Why They Are Vital

AI-powered landing pages are those landing pages that get designed with the help of artificial intelligence. Yes, you got that right, designers use AI to make landing pages more efficient. They use it for picking compelling images, images that have the potential to keep the visitors occupied. Poor selection of images can reduce the effectiveness of your landing pages like anything. They increase the bounce rate, which eventually decreases the conversion rate. However, you can avoid these problems by using AI. 

AI’s image recognition technology considers user behaviour while selecting the images. Therefore, you can quickly pick the most fitting images for the landing page.  

You can pick similar images that your visitors have been engaging with in the past, for your landing page, with the help of  AI’s pattern structure recognizing ability. 

And the best part is that you can also use AI for visual sentiment analysis. It helps you discover visitors’ emotional attachment as well as responses for a particular image. 

Apart from picking the right images, AI also makes it possible for you to provide a personalized experience to visitors. Providing personalized experience plays a considerable role in taking the user engagements to the next level. And without achieving that, you won’t be able to push the growth of your business. 

Now you may have a question, how is it possible for AI to provide a personalized experience. Well, it does that by providing you with the necessary information about your visitors. The information or data that it offers helps you understand the behaviour of your visitors and based on that you create the experience. In other words, you can use that data to design high-performing landing pages

Now, once you end up developing high-performing landing pages, they help you in various ways. And one of the most significant among them is gathering quality leads; the ones that can convert into loyal customers. Lead generation is a bit tricky process, perhaps that’s the reason, not every business can increase its customer base rapidly. If you don’t have leads in the first place, how will you get new customers.

The next benefit of having AI-powered landing pages is that they take the success of your online ad campaigns to the whole new level. Yes, you got that right, if you create landing pages for your PPC ads, you keep your visitors focused at one particular activity. Which finally encourages them to take the right action. In other words, AI-powered landing pages increase your conversion rate like anything.  And that happens because you provide your visitors with a personalized experience. 

Apart from that, AI-powered landing pages also increase your brand image and brand loyalty significantly.

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