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Should We Be Worried About AI – AI and Marketing

Should We Be Worried About AI – AI and Marketing

Many find themselves impressed by machines that respond like humans or computers that perform feats of strategy and cognition mimicking human ingenuity. But for others, it also planted a seed of unease.

This fear stems from the expected fear of job loss. As automation technology has been known to result in higher productivity, modern industries became increasingly dependent upon it and less reliant on human workers.

This is widely evident in the marketing landscape wherein the digital and social media platforms continue to expand, and brands need to work twice as hard to get their message across their target audience.  AI and automation have eased workloads and help keep up and scale the presence of businesses successfully.

The looming takeover of AI in marketing is expected to only grow bigger and stronger throughout each year. However, in this hype, many marketing professionals have been asking: What will that mean for the people who do the work today? Do they need to fear to lose their jobs to AI in the near future? These questions will be answered in this infographic by Digital Marketing Philippines as it discusses the development of AI throughout the years and what it means for marketers in the future.

AI and Marketing

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