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Professional Tips to Make Most Out of Advertising Campaigns

Professional Tips to Make Most Out of Advertising Campaigns

Digital marketing dubai, Social Media develop media plans to define the best possible marketing mix to make the most of advertising campaigns.

Text Ads and online videos will certainly have a crucial role to play. 

In short, the formidable effectiveness of social media and content marketing is becoming an essential part of any integrated and comprehensive approach to the sales process. Social media is no longer compartmentalized and is now an essential element in the success of many marketing campaigns.

In the United States, more than half of advertising agencies and marketing professionals plan to increase their spending on video advertising on computers and mobiles in the coming years.

With this constant flow of content, we have achieved a truly integrated marketing strategy, led by a masterful hand by a new generation of marketers. The perfect marketing specialist is someone who is familiar with marketing techniques, whether innovative or established, and mixes them skillfully to create a strategy. It is based on timeless techniques straight out of Mad Men and combines them with modern technology. What made the golden age of advertising still works today, but marketers must adapt, with social media as a playground, content as a fuel, and platforms such as LinkedIn as a new toy.

Mobile devices are largely responsible for this growth. Since people watch videos almost all the time, everywhere and on any type of screen, brands have more opportunities than ever to reach audiences on platforms like YouTube. The question is how to take advantage of these opportunities and improve the effectiveness of your customer’s or brand’s campaigns.

Adopt a “mobile” mindset

Despite its small screen, the mobile phone helps brands establish closer personal relationships and can generate impressive results. 

Recent analysis has also shown that mobile ads can significantly improve the reach of your campaign. On average, for TrueView campaigns broadcast on both computers and mobiles, the share of the audience that comes solely from mobiles is 41%.

What can we learn from this? Mobile advertising can have a very significant impact.

Perform your optimizations according to your audience objective

TrueView helps you find audiences by giving users the choice of whether or not to view your ad. In this way, you reach people who are more willing to listen to your brand’s message, and it is a method that works. On average, we found that Internet users who have viewed at least one TrueView ad in full are 23 times more likely to view a brand’s channel, subscribe to it, watch more brand videos or share the video in question4.

For advertisers seeking to reach an audience interested in a specific type of content, we noted that levels of popularity and interaction of content were important. 

Advertisements aired before videos with a high “Preference Score” (a score assigned by a Google algorithm that ranks channels according to their popularity and fan involvement) result in a higher increase in advertising retention and brand awareness. In other words, the impact on the brand is greater with a higher “Preference Score”.

Complete your demographic targeting with affinity targeting

Reaching the right audience on a large scale is essential for any media plan. While demographic targeting is an effective starting point, combining it with affinity targeting allows you to reach more qualified and interested audiences, based on the lifestyle, interests, and needs of Internet users. It can also improve the performance of your campaign.

Schedule YouTube at the same time as on TV

Finally, the success of a video ad, however good it may be, necessarily depends largely on its distribution plan. Distribute it on all platforms that will optimize its impact on the audience.

In terms of advertising retention and brand awareness, ads using deactivatable formats performed much better with a paid view on YouTube and a TV exposure than with two TV exposures. 

In other words, YouTube and television can be a really effective team. Plan these two channels at  

As for Text Ads, here are the tips to follow:

  • Speak directly to your audience. Attract attention with titles such as “Attention IT Managers” or “Are you an IT Manager?
  • Use a strong CTA (call to action), such as “Register now” or “Contact an expert”. 

Focus on the visual 

  • Add an image. Although optional, an image can provide better results.
  • Use a profile photo if necessary. The results are better than with an object or logo. 

Apply good practices 

  • Add a link to a destination (for example, a custom page) associated with the message in your ad.
  • Optimize your landing pages for mobile. Make it easy to view, navigate and enter information on your site from a smartphone.
  • Target your ads accurately, but do not exaggerate, as otherwise, you risk that your audience will be too small to generate results. Choose a location and two targeting criteria to start with, and follow good practices for targeting ads. 

Test continuously 

  • Test several messages or versions of your ads to see which ones work best with your target audience.
  • Also, perform A/B tests to optimize targeting. Create a campaign, duplicate it and slightly modify the targeting criteria. Launch both campaigns to see which settings are most effective for your company.
  • Include three or four variants in each campaign. Campaigns with more ads generally reach more people among your target audience.
  • Every week (or every two weeks) stop the diffusion of the advertisement that generates the least number of interactions and replaces it with new content. In the long term, this practice improves the relevance score of your ads (based on LinkedIn members’ expressions of interest in ads (clicks, comments, and sharing, for example), and you win more auctions. 

Measure and optimize 

  • Install the LinkedIn Insight Tag on your website to track conversions and enable demographic statistics for visitors.
  • Determine how to measure the success of your business. Campaign Manager offers robust statistical features. Use them wisely by identifying key indicators.

Author Bio

Junaid Ali Qureshi is an ecommerce entrepreneur with a passion for emerging tech marketing and ecommerce development. Some of his current ventures include Progos Tech (an Woocommerce mix and match), , Titan Tech and Smart Marketing . 

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