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4 Ways To Add Modern Technology To Your Exhibition Space

4 Ways To Add Modern Technology To Your Exhibition Space

Are you attending an event and not sure how to stand out? Adding a type of interaction or technology is becoming a popular feature. Use the forward thinking accessories as a way to add unique touches to your stand space and stand out from the crowd. 

When you’re attending an event, your goal is to captivate a crowd, gain interest in your products or services and develop new working relationships. In order to accomplish these points, it’s important to entice and attract the right audience.

Adding technology brings us in the modern era and allows your stand design to go places that wouldn’t have been possible years go. Take advantage of the possibilities available to enhance and benefit your exhibition experience. 

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality can easily be confused with Virtual Reality (VR), but there’s a clear difference and we’re here to explain what those are. 

Virtual Reality acts as a replacement of what we can see and experience. When a VR headset is used, you’ll be transported into a new environment, therefore the headset takes over your vision. The idea is that your surroundings are taken away, so the main focus is embracing the new adventure you’re about to embark on.

Augmented Reality almost has the opposite affect and doesn’t remove your vision, but instead adds to what you can already see. AR adds an overlay in which an image will appear and project into your current surroundings, meaning no matter where you are any image or character can be added. 

AR can be the perfect tool in the exhibition hall allowing a potential client to view a product and place it in a new environment. It might just answer some burning questions they have and ultimately educates and entertains.

Live Video Streaming

Social media has never been more popular, especially when it comes to businesses. Many businesses use the social platforms available in order to promote and advertise their business and effectively showcase products, new releases and an insight into their everyday working life. 

Making use of live streaming on Instagram works wonders when you are looking to build interest and momentum, whilst enabling others to follow your journey. Use the live tools to interview stand staff, show live viewings of the exhibition hall and broadcast the busy atmosphere around your exhibition space. 

Use the platform as a voice to reach out to others and share your experience.

Bespoke Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are something that we all use. Whether it’s to play a game, online bank or follow a business we would like to support. Incorporating a personalised app can add serious value to your exhibition space and create a new dimension to your marketing message.

With the freedom to build the app it’s important to make the app compatible with ios and android, this way you’ll get in front of more users and create a larger impact.

Apps aren’t just for the event, it’s beneficial to use them before the event to. Be sure to add details of the event location, where your stand is positioned and any additional information you feel the attendee can benefit from.

The aim from an event is to spend some time networking and taking meetings with potential clients. Think about how you can build in a section in which interested participants can schedule meetings with you throughout the day.

On the day add videos, showcase what your stand has to offer and really push your event marketing message.

Interactive Screens 

Adding a touch screen kiosk, interactive screen or tablet can be a versatile addition to any stand design. With apps, games and platforms available, you have the ability to create an interactive area for your stand guests.

An important factor is to ensure your interactive feature has a link to your business and has clear reasoning behind it. By adding a relevant screen, it’ll attract your target audience and open up new opportunities to network. 

Use the space for a fun yet professional aspect to encourage high levels of engagement.


With 4 interesting ways to upgrade your stand space, it’s without a doubt you’ll create an impact. In addition to creating an impact, it’s important to understand your audience and to select the right technology for your brand and potential customers.

Completing market research and reaching out to customers asking for preferences by completing polls is a great idea. It’s a modern way to help the voices of your clients be heard, tailoring your event experience to them. 

Work with people who know the brand and create a clear vision of where you see the brand heading. Technology can help you get there whilst showing your client base the progress you have already made. Use technology to bring your business into the present with new innovative tools, with a lasting impression. 

Think outside the box, add a fresh take on your exhibition stand and bring new trends into the event industry. 


Vicky Peat is a Marketing Executive for Go Displays based in Peterborough, UK. As a content marketing writer within the Exhibition and Tradeshow industry, Vicky enjoys sharing industry knowledge to encourage and educate new and experienced exhibitors.

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