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8 Challenges Faced By Small Businesses

8 Challenges Faced By Small Businesses

Small businesses are small-owned corporations or partnerships that have a miniature workforce and generate less revenue than a normal sized organization. These small sized organizations require low investments and it is extremely beneficial for the local economy. However, its advantages come along with many disadvantages.  Small business faces a variety of problems and challenges that can be quite demanding and crucial to overcome.  These problems can be related to the government, tax policies, their client base or anything within their internal workforce. Here are a few challenges that these small sized organizations face:

Managing healthcare for employees

One of the most challenging things to consider while running a small business is how to manage the health care for your employees. Employees are a valuable asset of any company and taking care of their health is important. Their health is directly related to your company’s success. Nevertheless, managing health care has become difficult due to the increasing financial costs that arise while doing so. In the US, there is an association called Obamacare, which was created to take care of the health of the workers. However, even with such associations in existence, the owner of the business usually faces the financial blow.

Tax compliance

As much as the idea of handling home-based sounds convenient, it comes with its own set of difficulties. One of these difficulties includes tax compliance. Even having a home-based small business means home office deductions that are essential if you want to increase your profits. However, rules and regulations that are concerned with record keeping can consume a lot of time and if you do not have a proper accountant to perform this task, then it can be quite difficult.

Unpredictable economy

If there is, one thing that no one is sure of is the economy. Not a single individual can confirm how the economy is going to change in the next few years. That means if you plan to invest in a commercial property or major equipment, then you do not know what will be the rising rates of the economy. In such circumstances, you can take a loan from different banks, which will help you keep your financial cost down, and lets you get away from most of the tax rates. Taking loans will protect you from the unnecessary risks that the unpredictable economy can bring you.

Effective cash flow

Maintaining an effective cash flow system seems like a demanding task for all small companies. However, this problem can be overcome by using online invoice software to better budgeting systems. Even though, if one manages to maintain effective cash flow, many small problems can still arise. According to assignment help, one simple tip to follow is to keep an eye on where your money is going and where it’s coming from.

Unexpected growth

Sometimes, a small business can experience growth beyond their expectations. This growth is way ahead of their planning and these results in increasing customers and fewer products and services. As the demand increases, the supply might not match the same speed as demand consequently making your customers unhappy and dissatisfied. This is why it is imperative that every organization should scale itself without making any compromise on the qualities that enhanced their growth.

Hiring new employees

Employees are one of the valuable assets of any organization. However, the cost of hiring employees has been increasing due to the types of equipment, benefits, bonuses, and taxes involved. All these hurdles play their own part before offering the actual salary. With the exception of a home-based business, any other small organization cannot reach its goals and objectives if it does not have qualified employees. Hence, it is wise to keep a few but highly qualified employees under the belt.

Diversified client base

One of the setbacks that these organizations have to face is that they do not have a diversified client base. They have the same client list that is responsible for generating their profit. To overcome this setback, a small business should expand itself to generate more clients. In addition to new clients, they should work better deal for already existing deals. If your profit depends on just one set of a client, then you can face a huge loss if they switch towards your competitor.

Staying passionate

In an individual’s daily life, it can get difficult to be obsessed with whatever you are doing but it is equally important. If you are not passionate about your company, then the products and services that you have to offer a great setback. This casts a bad impression on your customers and makes them shifts towards your competitor. Therefore, being passionate is essential for your company. If you are passionate, working all day and night just for success does not seem much of a problem but if you lack this one element, then instead of fighting for your right, you will easily let go. This will result in failure.


To conclude, the above-mentioned points are some of the challenges that these small enterprises have to face when they are in the market and have various different competitions.

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