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7 Ways to Stay in Shape in Your 30s

7 Ways to Stay in Shape in Your 30s

Reaching 30 years of your life isn’t so bad, but our bodies feel it. Suddenly, there are a few pounds that you have no idea where they came from, your back might start to hurt, and you can start noticing discomfort in your joints for some mysterious reason. That’s all normal because aging is natural and our bodies start to slowly decay; especially because we all work and sit a few more hours a day than we should. Luckily, there are tips and tricks for you to follow in order to keep your body in shape and stay healthy in your 30s. 

Focus on proper nutrition

A healthy and fit body starts with a proper diet. In your 20s you probably ate and drank a lot of sugar, and it didn’t significantly harm your body, but as soon as you reach 30s you will start to notice the damage. You should definitely stay away from sugary energy drinks, sodas or anything that has processed sugars. You may feel more energized from those, but they actually suck up all your energy, drop testosterone levels and store fat. The same goes for crisps and other processed foods, and if you want to stay fit and build some muscle you should eat food such as tuna, oysters, beans, beef and eggs. 

Lift weights

You will need to start building muscles in order to have a strong body that will take care of your joints. That is why you should start lifting heavier weights. Lift the weight for about 70% and the muscles will adapt and start to grow. What is more, increased muscle mass will result in stronger and faster metabolism. Also, the more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn during the day, even when you’re not moving at all. 

Exercise your heart

Since aging is natural, it is also expected that our hearts are going to become a bit weaker. As we age, we get worse at extracting oxygen from the blood and our cholesterol levels and fatty acids rise. This is all very dangerous for our arteries since they could get clogged and your job here is to exercises your heart regularly. The best way to do this is to devote some time to cardio exercises. You can sign up for them at the local gym, or get your heart pumping at home. What is more, you can start jogging and increase the distance or pace each day. As Walk Jog Run blog writes, running properly is great for weight loss as well, which will keep you both healthy and fit. 

Make time for meditation

In order to meditate, you don’t need to be in some retreat or on top of the Himalayas in order to properly relax your body and mind. All you need is to find at least ten minutes a day to sit somewhere quiet and meditate. This can significantly reduce your stress, which is actually causing a lot of damage to your body, including weight gain, health problems and so on. But, with meditation and lowered stress, you will notice how your anxiety disappears, your blood pressure will normalize and all the toxins from your body will be gone. Plus, it will positively affect your brain and it will change the way it responds to stress. 

Treat exercising like work

In order to respect your exercising schedule and not miss a day of workout, you have to treat it as an obligation. So, basically, treat it like work. If you want to feel younger, stronger and fresh, you have to be mature enough to know that regular exercising and healthy diet take time and devotion, just like succeeding in your career.

Stretch in the morning

A healthy and fit body needs proper blood circulation and fast metabolism, and stretching in the morning can fix that. You should start each morning with stretching your arms above your head and breathe deeply while you do that. This will help with circulation, metabolism and it will boost your energy levels. Also, do some light stretching of your back and legs and you will notice how your flexibility improves which will allow you to move around easily during the day. Plus, it will prevent injuries when exercising and it will prevent back pain. 

Start doing yoga

Yoga has it all. The physical benefits are astronomical since it increases your flexibility, strengthens your core, improves your blood circulation and it reduces stress which results in improved sleep. There is probably a yoga studio nearby, and if you like a more relaxed form of exercising, then you should consider signing up. 

Staying fit no matter the age can be a challenge sometimes. And it gets harder with every year we turn. Luckily, there are exercises and proper diets rich in nutrients that can help you with staying in shape. More importantly, all these will keep your entire body and mind healthy and calm, which is essential for a quality and easy life. 

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Claire Morgan is a marketing consultant and lecturer who, thanks to her integrated approach to business,  stands behind many digital strategies of renowned brands. She enjoys travelling and passionately blogs about the latest marketing and lifestyle trends

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