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7 Ways PDF Submission Helps SEO

7 Ways PDF Submission Helps SEO

When you set up a new website for your business on the internet, the biggest problem is getting sufficient traffic on it to give it a good kickstart. You created a beautiful engaging website for your business, everything is on its place & perfectly done, but still, if there aren’t any visitors on your website to see all this hard work you did, how will all this be successful? Now the question arises; How will people come to your website? The answer is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Using tools & techniques of SEO you can ensure that you get enough traffic on your website. Now there are many SEO tools & methods that produce results. Out of them one of the quite easy & prominent ones is submitting PDF documents related to/about your website on pdf submission sites

PDF submission is an effective off-page SEO technique. It provides maximum visibility to one’s website by increasing its search engine rankings ultimately leading up to more referral traffic.

What is PDF?

Portable Document Format (PDF), as you must know .pdf is a file extension like .doc &. ppt. PDF files are used in sharing documents such as brochures, magazines & articles that include both text formatting & images, in a manner that the document stays in exactly the intended format saving the original graphic appearance independent of application software, hardware, and operating systems When you create a pdf file of any article & upload it to a website having a high DA & PA, it is called pdf file submission. It is one of the mediums used in Content Marketing to deliver content that supports the overall Digital Marketing Strategy.

What are PDF Submission sites?

PDF submission sites are gold mines for harvesting backlinks and expanding authority and traffic at the shortest possible time.One can easily generate more traffic with pdf sharing & do-follow backlink to their website. These high pr pdf sharing sites are very helpful to n ew business and eCommerce websites because new eCommerce websites need more branding on the internet and pdf submission sites are the best way to promote their brand.

There are example of different PDF websites available for sharing your PDF file. PDF sites are similar to Web 2.0 sites in terms of SEO: to increase visibility and diversify a backlink profile a bit. These sites are always kept updated and hence the search engines crawl to these sites more frequently. Getting high-quality backlink here will help to get your keywords optimized properly and bring more traffic to your site. Thanks to high PageRank in the search engines for keyword phrases, pdf sharing sites boost keyword-rich articles to increase visibility in search engines.

Thus, through PDF file submission, you can make your website popular and bring it to the top in a very short time. 

Interesting Ways PDF Submissions Help SEO

PDF’s are Linkable

A PDF File can contain crucial information about your business or maybe it could be an educational piece of content that hyperlinks competitive keywords you want to rank for. A single PDF File can be shared across various PDF submission sites. A PDF resource containing links pointing back to your website can be shared across the web may even get viral if you have built a resource guide like “Blogging A-Z Tutorial” the view time your inbound links get is beyond amazing.

A Rich source for driving Referral Traffic

You can drive tons of referral traffic from the anchor text link from the PDF file you have submitted to these sites. Websites like Slideshare, LinkedIn & Edocr are high authority websites getting lakhs of visitors every day arriving there with the very motive of consuming knowledge, once you share your educational PDF resource there, it would compel users to click the anchor text link to get the highly relevant information on the given topic.

Dofollow Link Building

There are PDF submission websites that let you generate a do-follow link on the anchor text link you are promoting which eventually helps in ranking for the competitive keywords you want to rank for. Platforms like Edocr grants you a dofollow backlink in the PDF resource you share. It’s a great way to promote your anchor text containing competitive keywords you want to rank for. It helps in achieving both long term and short term SEO goals.

Downloadable & Sharable Resource

PDF submissions are downloadable which means your content & links get more and more exposure as a result of downloads & shares. Resource guides in the form of PDF downloadable resource easily becomes viral; your downloadable PDF resource guide can contain links for driving referral traffic. A good way to encourage PDF resource downloads is by promoting the resource of social media & website. You may also use it as a lead magnet for list building.

Makes Buzz on Social Media

There are certainly Social Media Platforms that allow you to share PDF docs. For example, LinkedIn, Slideshare & Facebook. Social Media is the noisiest place ensuring that your PDF file gets more coverage, engagement & CTR. Slideshare, in particular, has established itself as a platform where people arrives for educating themselves. Once you SEO optimize your Slideshare resource upload post it will only fetch more visitors to it. More visitors means more exposure, engagement & CTR. 

PDF’s are great for list building

Finding ways to drive organic traffic to your website in SEO is the treasure everyone is after. One of the great ways of driving traffic for Free is through email marketing, but to do email marketing you need to have a list. PDF resources act as one of the best bait to build a list. You can offer a free PDF ebook in exchange of information like name and email. That’s how you build your email list.

Slideshare and PDF’s

Slideshare is a social media platform where Doc sharers thrive with their valuable content served via Doc files like Doc, PDF, PPT, etc. Some creators on Slideshare act as influencers sharing their valuable content via PDF, Docs & PPT. The amount of click-throughs you can drive via Slideshare is fascinating. Additionally, Slideshare is highly SEO optimized which means for a search query your content containing link may be enlisted in search results which only gains you more discovery & CTR to your website.

If you take some basic steps, Google will rank your PDF file just like regular web pages, spreading your content across the web, hence increasing traffic through promotion. So, PDF files not only improve online presence but also help in attracting potential customers to business sites. 

You may even create PDF versions of your lengthy blog posts like guides & tutorials, with proper optimization & link building strategy; Google will rank these PDF pages in search results so that users can download these resources thereby helping your SEO strategy

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