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7 Ways In Which Digital Marketing Is Misunderstood

7 Ways In Which Digital Marketing Is Misunderstood

In the age of the internet, digital marketing can make or break the business. It gives every organization the ability to reach far and wide, no matter how larger and established or small it is. But the field, being so dynamic and relatively new, also has a variety of misconceptions attached to it.

If you are venturing into the digital marketing world, here are the top seven notions to steer clear of.

1. It’s Only About Social Media Posts

social media plays a big role in your marketing efforts online but artsy Instagram posts, funny Twitter posts and catchy memes on Facebook do not build a brand. Social media presence is important through engagement – not superfluous content that’s easily skimmed over. Make sure you have thought-through, meaningful and interactive output that has been adapted according to the technology it will be accessed on – smartphone, laptop, television, radio or even gaming consoles.

2. Digital Marketing Is A Technical Minefield

It’s true that technology today plays a huge part in reaching out to your customers and reviewing the success of your marketing efforts. But this technology consists of simple tools that are designed to be user-friendly. Though it may seem overly technical, learning about the basics of digital is much like getting to know your way about a new operating system.

3. A Small Business Doesn’t Need It

Digital marketing is a boon to small business – it lets them explore potential that was previously enjoyed only by large organizations with huge sums to spend. With the internet, you can now directly gain feedback from your customers, helping you improve your product and better understand your buyer base. It also allows you to sell your products without the added cost of owning or renting a store. Small companies can make their presence felt with personalized, immediate and ongoing interactions with their base, something that large organizations aren’t able to do because of red tape.

4. Digital Marketing Is Everything

It may seem like the ‘promotion promotion promotion’ formula is the way to success but don’t underestimate the power of quality. Also credibility of your product or service. You may gain a ton of traction from the good digital marketing of your products at some point. However, this does not negate the importance of having your basics in place: a sound product and good content and information for your customer base.  

5. Digital Marketing Can Be Done Last

Many companies treat digital marketing as a last-minute exercise that will just fall into place, quickly. But, as with all company processes, digital marketing to needs to be thoroughly integrated. With the different aspects of the company and product in order to be successful. Every part of your content – from emails to your homepage – needs to be tailor-made to represent your brand. The way you ensure this is by interweaving digital marketing into your company’s ideation, plans, and processes.  

6. Digital Marketing Is Only For Young Audiences

While younger people do seem to consume a lot through social media and the internet. The world wide web has been around for decades enough for plenty of pensioners to be adept and active users today. Older people are comfortable using smartphones, tablets, and computers to access the internet. And social media so don’t forget to create marketing that appeals to them too. Whether your target audience is in their 50s, 60s or even 70s, keep in mind that many of them interact with brands online so show them some attention.  

Digital marketing

7. You Don’t Have To Go Mobile

Sure, pinch and zoom was all the rage a decade ago but not so much now. Today, if your website is not optimized for mobile you can kiss your customers goodbye. Consumers want an easy, fluid experience. We are not just accessing the internet through our computers. But on the go with tablets and mobile phones as well. Your web pages need to cater to this need to show an adequate level of professionalism and care to your target audience.  

Digital marketing is all about intuition and integration. It’s not a stringent set of rules but much rather a fluid train of ideas and thoughts. Put into action through tools, technology and all kinds of innovative implementations. It’s not something companies should undertake lightly or go into blindly. Digital marketing has the power to build your brand into a powerhouse – avoiding the common traps can help set you on the right path to successful campaigns.

Author Bio:

I am Surbhi, in my twenties and based in Hyderabad, India, with interests across industries. Writing for me, I believe, relieves stress, helps me concentrate better, and let me reinvent myself. Over the past decade, I have written for big publications such as ElephantJournal, Jewellerista, SiteProNews etc. Since completing my higher education, I am exploring more about business-related topics of start-ups. Diversity across various categories helps broadens my vision and make me learn more about my writing.

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