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7 Tricks to Avoid Common Mishaps While Moving

7 Tricks to Avoid Common Mishaps While Moving

New home, new memories, new adventures. You are unable to contain the thrill and excitement of moving to a new place.

But, that’s only one side of the coin.

Cleaning your apartment, decluttering, packing, and moving preparations makes you go crazy completely. Focusing too much on “to-do’s” often makes you forget about the things that you should avoid while moving.

Resulting in moving disasters.

For instance, imagine you moved to a new place. And if the bed frame damages while moving, it will certainly rip your heart into pieces. And a train of thoughts will start running in your mind.

  1. Was I less focused?
  2. What if I was present while they were loading my stuff?
  3. Would things be different if I hired a different moving company?

It’s understandable that you sometimes get caught up in the middle of all the chaos. So much so that you are unable to keep a record of everything that’s happening around.

Still, you need to keep in mind some important facts to stay away from common mishaps during moving. Beware of the ones listed below when you are shifting houses:

Mistake 1: End up With Rogue Movers

Up for an emergency move? Unable to research what’s better and what’s not? Beware, as you could end up with scammers. Adding to your struggle.

These companies often have complaints of damaging possessions, fraudulent practices, and stealing. And that includes a lack of moving insurance and license as well.

How to Avoid: Make sure to do a thorough research about any moving company before entrusting them with your valuables. To confirm their credibility, make sure to ask for specific licenses and insurance.

You can also check for complaints with FMCSA. Enter the company’s USDOT number and look for their reviews.

Mistake 2: Belongings Show up Damaged

Accidents are inevitable. So, is the chance of your belongings getting banged up during transit. But, who should you blame? The moving company or yourself.

Well, in normal situations you can’t blame anyone. But, it does not mean that you cannot avoid such disasters.

How to Avoid: Improper packing is one of the major reasons that result in damage while moving.

So, make sure that all your things are properly packed. Use quality packaging materials. Ignore the ones that are already damaged or falling apart. For fragile items, makes sure you use telescope boxes. And place the items only after wrapping them in bubble wrap.

Use waterproof baggies to pack electrical or electronic items. You can get boxes from or at affordable prices. Tape all the boxes nicely to avoid them from disintegrating during the move. Double-check all the boxes before loading them on the moving truck.

Mistake 3: Scratching Floors While Moving

It is a common practice of scratching floors while moving heavy boxes or furniture. And if have wooden floors, then this damage is likely to be more.

Also, there are times when your furniture does not go through the door. And in an attempt to take it out, you tend to make certain moving disasters.

How To Avoid

Start taking precautions while moving your furniture. Or ask your moving company to use moving blankets, towels, or other materials that will help move heavier objects.

You can also go for furniture sliders or gliders. Other than that, for items larger than the door, try using a window large enough to handle your furniture. Of course, if you have a professional staff doing that for you, the risk of damage will be minimal.

Mistake 4: Going For DIY Moving Tips

All set for relocation? Are you up for a DIY move? It might seem exciting at first. But, nothing is as fancy as it seems to be. Imagine what if somebody went for an emergency meeting.

Or someone backed down because of the flu. In any way, these last-minute changes will put you in danger.

How to Avoid: There is no doubt that asking friends for help is the most inexpensive way to get things done. But, that’s not a reliable source at all. To avoid sudden plan changes, go for a moving company in New York City.

They have all the necessary experience to help you with any kind of moving without any unnecessary delays. Of course, you can still ask for help. But, keep that as an alternative or a way to spend time with your friends.

Mistake 5: Forgetting Basic Necessities For The Moving Day

Spills, chunks lying here and there, decluttering, packing, and organizing things. In the middle of all this chaos, there are situations when you forget to think about the day of moving. Mind you, this might lead to a delayed moving day.

How to avoid: This is pretty simple. Pack the bag of essentials a week before the final moving date. The bag must-have toiletries, medicines, documents, wallets, toilet paper, or paper towels. Also, don’t forget to pack phone chargers, a tool kit, extra clothes (especially if you have children).

You would take time to settle down in your new home. So, make sure to have air mattresses along with you as well. If not, book a room for that night until your items arrive.

Mistake 6: Ignoring Basic Utilities in Your New Home

In the excitement of moving to a new place and the stress of moving day often makes you crazy. Resulting in forgetting some of the important essentials in your new home. Or else you will have to spend the night without any HVAC system and other basic necessities.

I am sure you will never want to start their journey in such a messy way.

How to Avoid: To avoid such moving day disasters, you need to set a date for a turn-off and turn-on for your utilities. Add this item while preparing a list of “to-do’s”. Also, make sure to pay any overdue bills on utilities.

Mistake 7: Failed to Inform Your Neighbors About The Moving Date

While managing every aspect of moving, you might forget to inform your neighbors about the moving date. Or the fact that you are moving.

Unfortunately, moving trucks are large enough to block the driveways which might be a reason for the inconvenience caused to them.

How to Avoid: This is pretty simple. Of course, you can’t change the size of your moving truck. All you can do is to inform your neighbors about your moving day. This will help them plan accordingly. They might also suggest parking for the moving truck.

Also, if you need to obtain a parking ticket by HOA, make sure to get that done a week before the final moving date.

Packing, moving, unpacking, and organizing again- Who says moving is always fun?

A lot of people with bad experiences moving their stuff often end up accusing circumstances and a lot of other factors.

But, that’s not how you deal with any situation. Rather you must understand the importance of every aspect of moving. Or else accidents are bound to happen.

Planning is the key to a successful moving. Make sure to keep a check on every moving utilities.

Happy moving!

Summary – Forgetting things is a very common human trait. But, if it interferes with something important, then it might affect you big time. Learn about the common moving mishaps to avoid any last-minute blunders on your part. Thereby, ensuring a successful move.

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