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7 tips to Use Salesforce Campaigns Effectively

7 tips to Use Salesforce Campaigns Effectively

Salesforce Campaigns are all about planning, managing, and tracking various inbound projects for your organization. It could be through direct mail program, seminars, printed advertisements or any other marketing proposals. Organizing campaigns into hierarchies makes it easier to analyze various marketing tactics related to the same. When you use Salesforce campaigns, they can easily bridge the gap between your CRM and the marketing initiatives. You will be able to create visibility, calculate, track and report the status of considerable marketing programmes via Salesforce. 

Tips to use Salesforce Campaigns effectively 

If you are really seeking to make the best out of your Salesforce campaign, considering a few guidelines will always be worthy rather that beating around the bushes. It is quite essential to clarify various concepts to be able to apply them perfectly and obtain maximum returns from the same. Mastering the concepts and striving for a few certifications is absolutely important. However, at a shallow surface, the below listed tips may help you well: 

Integrate to bring entire data at one place 

You may be running into a mess if there is no coordination among different departments and they are not able to reach out to the required data on time. Salesforce Development could however, work perfectly to keep things efficiently in place. You may create a transparent data funnel by integrating Salesforce with Zendesk and Hubspot Marketing. 

This will support in full-fledged tracking of sales, marketing and customer service teams. This way all departments would be on the same page and it will get easier to keep things operating in the correct flow. This could be a great way to aid your customer service team for the various campaigns they take forth. 

Campaign Influence 

With the help of Salesforce Campaign influence you may easily associate opportunities to suitable multiple campaigns. It is all affected by the mapping between opportunities, contacts or leads that may be the members of campaign and the campaign object within Salesforce. The following Salesforce editions allow campaign tracking: 

  • Enterprise 
  • Performance
  • Professional 
  • Developer 
  • Unlimited 

From middle to the bottom of the funnel, you can entirely track the marketing and sales activities to know about the influence on trade shows, pay per clicks and performance of content marketing and suitable revenue generated from the same. 

Opportunity Configurations

You should consider using lists related to Contact Roles on Opportunity Record in order to be sure about the Paradot Opportunity Funnel and it’s reporting so that campaigns in Salesforce could work. In order to create relationship for considerable campaign reporting, Paradot and Salefsorce glance at this major link at Opportunity level. 

This is considerable for both methods and therefore integral to be adopted within your sales process. With the existence of any contact both at the Campaign Member Level and Opportunity Contact Role, active influences of Saleforce campaigns are automatically assigned to Contact Roles. 

Email Marketing 

Pairing one of the powerful and suitable email marketing tools with Salesforce Campaigns would support to take up your automation to the next best level. You can create segment data, list and send them out directly to email campaigns from within Salesforce. This makes managing email databases very convenient and easier since the list of contacts or list is automatically transferred to Campaign Members. 

Emails can be sent to all of them and the status can be tracked effortlessly. Paradot, Campaign Monitor, Dotmailer and Mailchamp are a few tools that are known to possess their own Salesforce Connectors. As a bottom line to this tip, it could be said that optimum usage of Campaign object can prove to be crucial for the alignment of Sales, marketing and IT. Therefore, it is always suggestible to make the most out of this underrated gem. Once you bring all the elements desirably to the table, it would get easier to attain the view of marketing budget to the highest ROI. 

Business Development Initiatives Using Campaigns 

This may be considerable when you’re seeking to launch a new product. Or that you need to expand relationships by visiting an existing customer segment. You can focus on specific business development initiatives when you use Salesforce campaign. Link all the contact that you may be planning to visit, with the Campaign. Further, use the Campaign Member Function in order to manage the various meetings that need to be attended. 

Make sure that you set a successful outcome from the initiatives. In most of the cases, it is likely to be generating more and more sales. Linking back the opportunities to campaign would be crucial. This will let you have a clear view of the overall efficiency of the entire business development drive. You can also know which perspectives and customers had been involved in this initiative. 

Tradeshows using Salesforce Campaigns 

This would be absolutely different from the various events you host during tradeshows. You hardly have any idea about who is going to visit your stand next. This generally includes scanning the names of people who may be standing next to your stand. At the end of the programme, the list of scanned names is presented by the organizers. When you use Saleforce Campaigns to manage trade shows, you can import the entire data of scanned names with the help of Manage Member button on the page layout for Campaigns. These imported contacts would be shown as leads in Salesforce. You may further click on the find duplicates button to check if any of these names already exist within your leads or contacts. You can use the Convert or Merge Leads button in order to de-duplicate names against pre-existing names. 

Downloadable Content/Website Contact Us with Salesforce Campaigns 

Using Salesforce Campaigns in order to manage different web-to-lead forms can be a great idea. This way you can easily capture metrics regarding the number of people who have filled in the entire web form or may have requested for the content downloaded.  It would be suggestible to associate any resultant opportunities to the campaign in order to gather all valuable information from the forms to make the best out of content that is collected. 

The above-listed tips to use Salesforce Campaigns better will surely support efficient performance in the long run. 

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