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7 Small home based business ideas for women

7 Small home based business ideas for women

With the increasing number of initiatives for women empowerment, many women are gravitating towards entrepreneurship and want to support themselves with business studies. However, some women do not have the liberty and resources to go out of their homes and work. Thankfully, there are many home-based business ideas which could be beneficial for women who have that will to support themselves or contribute something to the household from their side.

The following 7 small business ideas are sure to help women who want to start a business from home:

Basket Weaving –

If one is good at handicrafts and weaving, then they can start the business of basket weaving. All one has to invest in is some cane or jute or wooden splinters, and they will be good to go. This business will be quite fruitful too due to the fact that baskets are usually in demand for fashion and decorative purposes.

Candle Making –

This is another home-based business which will surely thrive in the market as candles of various shapes and sizes are always in demand for decorations. The investment too is very mere, the only thing being wax and wicks.

Babysitting/Crèche –

Women are known for their motherly nature. With the ability to be compassionate and look after someone else’s kid as their own, they can be great in this profession. With many women going out and working, there is a demand for babysitters who can take care of their kids.

Jewellery making –

Handicraft is one of the most interesting skills that many women possess. Skills required for this profession are concentration, patience, finesse and expertise in intricate work. Many women are so talented in this work and make such alluring designs that they almost make it look like an effortless task. Fashion jewellery is very popular these days, and the interesting thing about it is that women can easily make jewellery pieces in their homes. So if women have some spare time and a modest budget to spend, then they may create a stock and put them up for sale on e-commerce portals. Nowadays, women can also sell custom pieces of jewellery on Facebook too.

Online Selling –

This is another good business idea that requires an internet connection. Women can set up an online business by selling products on e-commerce websites. One such example is selling handicrafts by employing workers who are skilled at the job. This would be beneficial for both parties. The workers would get a market, and the dealer would be able to set up a profitable business.

Tutoring –

If someone has an academic degree and is looking to make the most out of it, tutoring is a great way. One may install a board in front of the house, post about it on social media or spread the news by word of mouth. At the end of the month, one may have a modest income and a feeling of satisfaction. Moreover, by tutoring, women can brush up their knowledge, which may further help while applying for a teaching job or sitting for a competitive examination.

Content creator –

One of the most interesting ways of making money is by creating content on YouTube or starting a blog. It could talk about any topics that one may feel connected with. One may publish cooking, DIY, motivation, or lifestyle-related videos. Anyone with passion, interest and good knowledge along with an internet connection can start doing it.

These are the few businesses that women can easily start at their home with a good profitable promise and even an expandable market area. Many great companies are started in a studio apartment but turn into multinational conglomerates, for example, Playboy Enterprises. Hence, women must explore their true potential and fulfil their entrepreneurial dream.  

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