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7 Things You Must Know When Designing Landing Page

7 Things You Must Know When Designing Landing Page

Landing pages are standalone web pages which help in marketing or advertising a particular brand for a business. These are important pages for gaining popularity and most companies don’t use this at all or don’t know anything about this. This type of blog landing page is very crucial for every company to advertise their brand because there is high probability of your viewers converting into leads. These pages work more like campaign pages. 

So, here we give you things you must know while designing a landing page. Because the design of your land page is very important for marketing.

Point 1: Don’t ever use a homepage as your landing page.

Homepages generally have a lot of other distractions like messaging which may distract the attention of the users from reading crucial things on your website. Even if you feel that your homepage will be as good as your landing page. Do not use homepages because landing page is used to convert viewers into leads.

Point 2: Elements of a landing page

There are certain things a landing page must contain and they are as follows:

  1. Headline and sub-headline
  2. Description of what is being offered.
  3. Image or video that supports your brand
  4. Proof elements that show that your company is built on a legal basis
  5. Put up a form on the landing page so that it attracts customers to register.

Point 3: Extra Navigation should be limited or removed.

The main aim of a landing page is to market your brand and not give them extra navigation details about your brand and company which may be misused. After they perform a certain task they have to be given a perfect destination and thus a proper navigation is required.

Point 4: The objective should be short and clear.

When the visitors read the objective they should be clear at the end of the paragraph and should get the meaning you are trying to convey. This should neither be long nor boring. The visitor must find it interesting while he reads the para which may also attract him to register on your website. So, make your para short and clear.

Point 5: Make sure it gets customised according to the visitor.

Depending on the visitor’s background make sure your landing page displays those certain details which will have a lot of advantages which is that you want them as your leads.

Point 6: Friction reduction.

The amount of distractions seen by the visitor is directly proportional to the negative comments you receive . So, make sure friction is reduced on your sites for better reviews and thus increased popularity. 

Point 7: Ask them for what you need.

Make sure you ask them only relevant details. Because the visitors might not register when you ask unnecessary details and might not trust you with their personal details. So, make your form short and crisp.

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