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The 7 Best Anti-Theft Backpacks For Safer Travel

The 7 Best Anti-Theft Backpacks For Safer Travel

If you are passionate travelers, you certainly need to have the best anti-theft backpack always with you. I tell you that my adventures have never been a risk to my safety or the safety of my things since my wife gave me one a couple of years ago.

Before, my protection techniques consisted of leaving valuable things at home, carrying money in my stocking and my camera wrapped in dirty underwear.

Luckily someone saved my intimate garments and created these backpacks capable of protecting electronic devices, expensive garments and our money from any foreign hand that wants to attack us at a busy airport or a train full of people who do not speak your language.


Far from the favorites of the entire comparison, mainly for its incredible design that integrates anti-theft security and elegance. Internally it has a lot of compartments to have all kinds of well-ordered electronic devices; you can even insert a battery and have your mobile phone connected to USB through a special output.

The structure is also waterproof, and against breakage, even after many trips, I have not yet seen the first undoing.


The best thing about this anti-theft backpack model is its key lock system that, although insight, guarantees that the zipper does not open unless you have the key and doing this without your noticing it is almost impossible.

Another security advantage is its card pockets on the front shoulder straps. Its 17-inch height allows large laptops to fit smoothly inside.


This brand not only incorporates basic accessories of any backpack that is anti-theft, such as key insurance, secret back, and strap pocket but also protects your devices from water being a waterproof anti-theft backpack first.

Its outer fabric repels water, but also its zipper is coated, preventing knives from cutting it and protecting it against any flood. You will also like to know that its upper handle is metallic, giving a lot of security when lifting it, so it is an anti-theft model to give everything.


The position of the central zipper is great because it incorporates the area closest to the sword so that nobody can open it while we are wearing the anti-theft backpack. This is essential when I take the professional camera that allows me to record my adventures.

In its outer part, it has a small false pocket that misleads and for all this it is my recommended option not only in vacations but of casual use in very busy public transports.


Although it is not a backpack format that has too many security accessories, its simplicity is what guarantees that it is anti-theft and protected. The fewer compartments you have, the easier it will be to keep everything in order and secured thanks to a regular lock.

In turn, buying this design is also safe for bathers because its exterior is padded and firm at the same time so that neither sand, sea or splashes can enter.


It is a portable and multifunctional backpack that you can use in your day to day, whether you take your laptop to work, students or travelers who wish to travel the streets of their destination with a bag that allows them to transport their belongings very safely.

It has hidden and coded zip, to be sure that everything you keep in this backpack will travel protected, being an anti-theft model.

It is also a smart backpack with USB ports, which will allow you to charge your phone and a headphone port to listen to music.


If you search among anti-theft backpacks, you will surely find this WAWj brand model, since it is the most sold and recommended by its users, this for its resistance and quality.

A waterproof anti-theft backpack that is made of Oxford fabric and an internal polyester side that will keep all your belongings protected from the rain.

It has side pockets ideal for carrying tablets and even laptops up to 9 inches, and with hidden pockets and a practical padlock will keep all valuables safe from any theft.

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