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6 Smart Ways To Recycle Your Moving Boxes

6 Smart Ways To Recycle Your Moving Boxes

When you talk about smart, you cannot beat me. I am so smart that I let my emotions rule over my decisions. No Judgments. 

That feeling when you’ve finally unpacked everything in your new house. Ah… More satisfaction than a cheeseburger on a rainy day. Time to throw out the boxes. But wait! Should you be doing that? 

A packrat like me would never do that. I always suffer from this crippling moral dilemma whether I have to throw things out, especially when it is something that has useful potential. A pinch of art, a drop of craft, and a brush of creativity can repurpose those boxes into having a second life. 


Okay. Let me show you how. 


Sometimes a small art piece on the wall could beautify the room. But it could go the other way around pretty quickly as well. So, if you are into colors and art, find inspiration and use those cardboard boxes to give your wall a beautiful art piece for your eyes to behold. 

Then there is Google and Pinterest to help you with creative ideas. Your wall could use something personalized. A wall of periodic table for the kid’s room, a hexagon wall pattern for the bedroom, or huge scrabble tiles for the study. There is so much you can do. Let your creative monkeys run havoc and reuse those boxes at their full potential.           

Feline Love

Have a cat? The felines are cute devils if you ask me. I have one and all it does the whole day is eat, sleep, and scratch. I could live with the first two but the scratching part doesn’t just hurt me but my landlord’s furniture as well. Feel the pain? 

Now that you have cardboard boxes, you can make your cat it’s very own scratching pad. Cut long strips from the cardboard boxes and roll them together. Glue them and decorate the outer one with colorful fabric just to make it more pleasing to the eye. Sprinkle some catnip over it and let your cat go berserk. 

Kids Playzone

Toys can be expensive. Very expensive. But the innocent one needs what it needs. With all the cartons that you are left with after the move, you can make a whole play zone for your kid. Believe me, this will be so much better than the Buzz Lightyear figurine which will take you back at least 4 figures. 

Need some ideas? 

The possibilities are limitless. Make a maze for your toddler, a dome of cardboard for your daughter, a tunnel of adventure for your son, or a board game for your twins. Your children will definitely love this. Smart, am I not? 


After Brooklyn Movers have unpacked your belongings, you are left with boxes that have no purpose or use. But they can be recycled into so many creative things, one of which is a coaster. Are you a drinking enthusiast? 

Print out some logos of your favorite drinks and get some ceramic tiles. You’ll also require lacquer, Mod podge sealer and finish, and felt. Make your own coasters and decorate the bar with it. These show personal touch and make great gifts. 


You can use cardboard boxes to organize your house. There are so many things you can do with it. Use strips of cardboard to organize the drawers by dividing it into different sections. For your desk, you can turn a box into a crafty cord holder so that next time you won’t have to run hot headed around the house looking for your charger. 

The large cartons can also be used as storage boxes for books or toiletries. Of course, you can use your creative mind into making these cartons all so gorgeous and pleasing to the eye. Take out your palette and get started. 

Shoe Rack

Who goes through the trouble of having too many footwears spread all around the room? I do and making that excuse when you reach late to the office seems like an upshot to the boss. But why go deep into your pocket to buy a shoe rack when you have so many cartons lying around in your house. 

Use those cartons to make a triangle-shaped flexible shoe rack to help organize your footwear. It is an innovative and smart solution to both your carton and shoe trouble, Decorate it with some colored tape and make sure you report to the office on time from now.  

All these ways can help you recycle your moving boxes. Great, right?

I have a bonus one for you. Who likes to party?  

I do. In fact, I live through Thursday just so I could party on Friday. So, next time you are planning a party at your house, use the cardboard to decorate your house. 

I know the move must have been tiring. But don’t throw these boxes. Rather fold it and keep it because you will need it someday. They don’t take up much space. Use these crafty methods to recycle them in the best manner. I hope this helped. You can thank me later or now. Whatever seems feasible. Till then Adios! 

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