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6 reasons why your landline phone service is becoming extinct

6 reasons why your landline phone service is becoming extinct

With the advancements of technology, massive chunks of population are moving towards mobile phones as the base source of communication. This isn’t just limited to adults, rather youngsters in particular prefer using mobile phones over landline communication. The core reason behind that is that they are born in age of digitalization, and their entire lives have been shaped using mobile technologies

The use of landlines all across the world has been decreasing rapidly for a while now. Now with this technology becoming obsolete and being replaced by advanced modes of communication, it is only a matter of time before it becomes extinct. Let us list down some important factors which will surely justify our claim.

Portability is the need of the hour

Long gone are the days and times when we actually had to sit at a certain geographic spot in order to make calls. Now you can move around as you please all the while staying connected to people who are important to you. Wireless technology not only releases us from physical confinement, but also is quite easy to manage. Whether it is a workplace or a home environment, wires are sure to look messy while wireless can be easily managed with a router and a modem. If you happen to attend an outdoor party and want to invite your friends over, wireless can help you do that in mere seconds. 

Wide variety of formidable features

Landline phones are very much limited in the number of features they can offer. Mobile technology on the other hand allows you to do a lot more and that on the go. Mobiles phones manufactured these days are more like personal computers able to perform all the daily routine functions you would expect from a computer system. Your mobile phones are your personal trainers, your security wallets from where you can actually pay bills, your alarm systems and so much more. You can send emails in an instant, post updates on various social media platforms and even start up your own business from the comfort of your palm. There is so much more which mobile technology offers and landlines simply cannot compete with that.

Emergency and security reasons 

Mobility is exceedingly important when it comes to security and emergency. Let’s say for an instance that you are stuck in a remote area and need to call for help. Where will you find a landline in such a place? Mobile would definitely be your savior in such instances. Natural disasters are another calamity which God forbid might occur at certain instances. Infrastructures might get damaged and along with them the networks which connect landlines with each other. Mobile connectivity plays a great role in such instances to connect you with your loved ones. Mobile technology also comes with advanced security filters which help keep your data safe and secure. Knox is one such example, which is providing built in security features for Samsung’s android phones which make the entire mobile experience seamless.

Better profits for the companies

Major companies which previously offered landlines, themselves, are switching to mobile technology as it helps them cut their costs and increase their profits. Landlines structures take ample time and cost to set up and start working. Since majority of their workforce already uses mobile for personal use, they are more easily adjustable to other options. Even major companies like Spectrum are providing phone services to promote its usage now. Boosters and towers, although require significant investment, still end up being cheaper than landlines. Plus as the companies get the opportunity to offer more with mobiles packages, they get to enjoy better profits with added facilities.

VoIP systems are taking over business environments

VoIP (Voice over IP), systems have modernized the communication systems within various organizations all across the world. In these systems, communications are carried out over the IP networks, including the internet. The security metrics in these systems are quite efficient and reliable. Audio and video both types of communications can be carried out in a safe manner. Landlines were widely used in corporate environments previously, but as of recent, the situation has changed. VoIP is widely replacing these in this department. This technology is highly as compared to others as well and organizations openly invite options which are reliable and help them generate higher profits. 

Fashions and fads are stating otherwise

Ultimately, we need to realize that landlines phones are rapidly going out of fashion. They are no longer the ‘it’ thing. Every day we get to hear about a new communication device being launched with superb features. Companies are investing massively to keep the audiences attracted and they are doing a pretty good job at that. Landlines phones can hardly be observed in any advanced or chik environment. Entire homes are getting automated with advancements such as Amazon Echo and Google Home. Mobile phones are largely helping in that connectivity along with many other added features.

That all being said and observed, landlines still are an integral part of many a household. There are instances, especially in remote areas where mobile boosters aren’t available yet and landline is the only option. But the shift towards mobility is happening, and sooner or later, we will enter a world where landline will be a talk from the past!

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