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Master the Art of Blogging with these 6 tips

Master the Art of Blogging with these 6 tips

Are you new in the world of blogging? You all must have heard many tips on how to blog better. So to speak, they are common and I am sure those tips are at your fingertips by now. But right this very moment, we’ll be telling you about what really works and how? 

To begin with, what do you actually understand by the word ‘blogging’?

Many say it’s a mixture of art and science. Some say, there is no one way or right way to approach blogging, some say it’s just adding new, innovative and informative content on your website for building traffic; which in return nurtures relationships with existing and potential customers. Some people love blogging while others, uh, not so much! 

Studies say, that by blogging, you can see a potential increase of 67% in your lead generation, consistently. It is considered as one of the best practices for generating revenue, too. 

With the good comes bad. Well, we are not saying blogging is bad but time-consuming, requires dedication, motivation and ever-lasting commitment. Once you are motivated to start your own blog, no life on earth would be able to stop your success. Just follow these simple tips and see your website roaring in a span of a few weeks:

Get to know your audience and goals

Did you know? 70% of consumers learn about a company through its blog. Well, now you know! Before anything else, understanding your audience will give you an even better idea of what your customers are looking to read or what interests them. 

One way to find your relevant audience is to have a test run. People who are engaging with it, are more likely to turn into your loyal readers. Determine why are you writing, whom you are writing it for, what value will it bring to your readers, what tone will you be using either witty or formal and what do you want to achieve out of it, at the end of the day. 

Once you are clear on your goals and objectives, it would make your writing easier. Trust us!

Be creative in your approach

Yes! Creativity is the key! Write about trending topics, no matter even if the entire world is writing about it. That what makes it better! Gather ideas of topics people are more likely to engage with or read about, it will help your audience grow exponentially. Unable to come up with a topic? 

Ask people, it’s as simple as that. Ask about their interest areas through social media and then write on it like a god-damn ninja! Get inspiration from people and curate something remarkable.

A meaningful call-to-action

We have seen many people missing out on meaningful call-to-action. Many think, maybe it’s not that important. Well, they are wrong!

A good call to action is what encourages people to engage with your content. People would blog and blog but find it very hard to get visitors or even engagements, or very few at all. So, it’s important you finish your blog post with a bang! Literally, with a bang. No exaggeration. Maybe give them something to ponder upon, something that leaves them with wanting more. Maybe ask them to sign up for your newsletter or weekly link roundups. Ask them to leave their thoughts if they can relate to your article. This will guarantee, an increase in your viewers. Try it for a week and then see the difference.

Be trendy in your blog design 

Who doesn’t love good website design and feel? This is probably one of the most talked-about and important tips for beginners. ‘Spend time on design and user experience’. Because it matters!

Hire a professional, someone with aesthetics to give your website a nice look. Something attractive and eye-catching. There is no one size fits all, use design trends that are most suitable to your niche.

Always plan ahead!

We give this advice to many amateur bloggers! Always. Plan. Ahead. 

What’s trending today, may not be trending the next day! In other words, the essence is in the moment so carpe diem. The easiest and most effective way is to maintain an editorial calendar. Once you have a list of topics that you want to write about, schedule them. 

Staying organized throughout the journey will be really helpful. You can either have a spreadsheet or a trello board, weekly dedicated to your plan. Make sure to include a publish date, targeted keyword (For good SEO), Topic, content type, or any link provided that you have worked on a google doc. 

Be a grammar Nazi

We don’t mind being a grammar nazi. Publishing error-free, quality content is extremely important. Bad grammar is always a turn-off.  Make sure you use a spell check, either built-in your system or installed externally. Our pick: Grammarly. This chrome extension is reliable and easy to use. In case, you are looking for an advanced spell check, they offer a paid version as well. 

(Bonus tip: Make sure your content is plagiarism-free. Or else, it can have a huge negative impact on your blog and also on your readers. We don’t want negative aspects ruining our blog image, right?)

That’s it from us! I’m sure there are more great tips out there about building and writing  an effective blog post. What’s your favorite?

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