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6 Big Data Jobs That Are in Big Demand

6 Big Data Jobs That Are in Big Demand

Big data professionals are in-demand. Companies are paying over the top salaries to professionals who come with big data skills. In fact, job portals worldwide have termed a career in big data to be one of the most prospective career options. Some roles require extensive set of skills; a few roles require comparatively less skills. However, all the roles in are in big demand. If you are looking to make a career in big data, look no further. This post lists 6 Big data jobs that are hugely in demand across the world.

So let’s deep dive into each of them. We will look at the skills required for each of them, available opportunities and prospects, and remuneration associated with them.

Data Analyst

This is the most common job role in Big Data. Data Analysts spend their days retrieving data and analysing it. Further, they compile analysed data reports. This requires them to have good programming and analytical skills. At most places, data analysts work closely with other team members, at start-ups they can be required to work independently.

Average salary: $65,373

Database Administrator

Database administrators manage a company’s database. Part of their job includes handling updates, modifications, and maintaining safe backups. As a database administrator you could be a part of team or work independently to keep databases running smoothly.

Average salary: $87,020

Data Scientist

Data Scientists help with decision making. They collect and analyse data, and build predictive models using the same data. They are required to have both technical skills and business acumen. So that they can derive insights and convey it to stake holders for making decisions that drive business growth. Data Scientist are the most sought after Big Data Careers.

Average salary : $119, 837

Data Architect

Data Architect are responsible for building a company’s data architecture. It involves thinking about how data will move from one point to another without compromising its security. Knowledge of data directories is required for this role. Additionally, Data Architects are well-versed with data migration techniques including validation, clean-up, and mapping.

Average salary: : $107,703

Database Manager

Database Managers oversee a company’s database. An organization can have an array of databases, especially now when companies are more technologically driven. This roles require knowledge of SQL and newer databases such as Cassandra, Mongo DB, Redis etc. If you’re comfortable querying language and other databases, this would be an ideal role. Companies are increasingly hiring for this role. 

Average salary : $63, 353

Big Data Engineer

Big Data Engineers are the connection between business executives and Data Scientists. They make data available to Data Scientists, so that they can perform operations required to achieve business objectives. Knowledge of various big data technologies is required for this role.

Average salary: $90, 277

The above are the six in-demand Big Data jobs. If you’re interested in making a career in Big Data, choose one and start learning the skills right away. However, don’t forget that all these roles require practical proficiency. So make sure that you are getting ample practice.

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