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6 Best Ideas to Start your Online Side Business

6 Best Ideas to Start your Online Side Business

It sounds great to wake up with the running ideas in mind directing you to start the entrepreneurship journey. But your job is resisting you to chase your dream.

You drop the idea because you think you can’t manage it with your job. But what if I tell you that you can be an entrepreneur with your full-time job?

Yes, that’s the beauty of the side hustle. You don’t need to quit your job to start it. Two to three hours in the whole day are enough to start your side venture. I also started my blogging career while working with digital marketing Dubai.

And if you’re also ready to take the risk, here are the top six ideas to start your side venture.

Idea#1: Blogging

How many blogs do you read per day? Even if you don’t read, there must be a number of blogs coming your way on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or specifically blogging websites. People are looking to read, learn, and interact. It’s not necessary that you blog on the trending topics, you can take your favorite ones like health and fitness, fashion, lifestyle, or relationships. If you’re a technology lover, you can also choose tech trends, web trends, and so on. The choice of the niche depends on your interest. When you become successful in growing your blog, then you can start earning through Affiliate marketing, advertising, digital products, and paid guest posting.

Idea#2: Freelancing

Out of a hundred, forty percent of the people take freelancing as a career to earn, learn, and grow. You can also opt for freelancing when you’re on the job, it doesn’t demand to quit your job. When you have gained enough experience as a Freelancer, pool in the people who can work for you and assign them projects. Be it of any niche. For example, if you’re a developer, you can pitch freelancing sites for mobile app development Dubai and other countries. When you have a group of people working for you, you can try different niches like designing, writing, development, consultation and more. This approach will prepare you to open a side company with plenty of people working under you.

Idea#3: Voice Over Artist

The demand for voice-over artists is getting popular because of the increase in video and storytelling. As the social platforms are allowing people to tell stories, they’re also letting to search them for the artist who can mimic their stories and promote their ventures. You don’t need much investment to start this venture except a microphone, audio mixer, and good editing software.

Idea#4: Resume/CV Writing

Students struggle to write a CV that lands to their dream job. If you think you can help them in writing an excellent CV/resume, then do it by starting the CV writing services. Don’t only write the CV but also help people in modifying their current CV and making it to the latest market trends. If you think you can also prepare students for the interviews, also start the counseling services with the Resume writing.  

Idea#5: Web Design & Development

Small to mid-sized businesses are on the hook for designers and developers to create a superb website for them. If you think you’re good at web services, start a side venture with it. Pitch people on LinkedIn and Facebook, show your portfolio, keep your rates affordable, and offer them exemplary services. Freelance sites like People per Hour, Fiverr, and Upwork are also good to get projects worldwide.

Idea#6: Search Engine Optimization Consulting Services

Some people are new to the idea of search engine optimization and aren’t aware of its importance. They look for marketers and SEO consultants to boost their website traffic. This is the reason SEO business is booming, and owners are ready to pay a handsome amount for the service. So start with your website and get it ranked on the first page of Google and establish a robust online presence.  When your website ranks on the first page, people will start believing the results and will refer you for their website SEO.

These are the tried and tested top-selling ideas of 2019, and people are getting results by implementing these. If you think you’ve any other idea to start a side venture comment it below and see what people think of it.  

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