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5 Ways You Can Use Pinterest For SEO

5 Ways You Can Use Pinterest For SEO

Pinterest is one of the most popular social networking and content sharing sites or you can say as the most popular image sharing sites over the web.

From the past few years Pinterest has been trending for visual search and known for sharing vertical visual content, As It has been ranked on google for images and videos via Pinterest is easier than to rank on google with your website. The website is known to be mostly used by women.

People use it to share their ideas, infographics, and videos and finding new ideas or inspirations. Like other social networking platforms, Here you can share, pin the things that you like. People who are following you can see your pins, content that you shared and repins those content, share with others and much more.

You have already used Pinterest, Maybe you’re just exploring the beautiful images and post your videos and images but one can never think of how much Pinterest can help you from an SEO perspective. How it can drive a lot of traffic on your website without much effort. Improve your keywords ranking on the search engine. Increase your number of leads or sales (It has been work best on an eCommerce website, which targets US Countries). 

If you want to take advantage or a bit exciting for the world of pinning, Creating a successful marketing strategy by adding Pinterest into your strategy then Here is simple 5 ways to use Pinterest for SEO that will be taught you to understand how you can use Pinterest and how powerful it is. 

Let’s understand you can use Pinterest for SEO.

5 ways you can use Pinterest for SEO

1. Switch to Business Account

Begin with getting the basics right. Switching to business profile allows you to verify your website domain with Pinterest so that the next time someone shares the visual content from your website, your website Pinterest handle & domain is automatically flagged.

Right after verifying the domain it will auto-populate the visual content from your website (you can delete the ones you choose to not have on your Pinterest) Your website gets linked to Pinterest which is more or less a social media. Linking social media is, after all, a ranking factor. With a business account, you get access to analytics.

2. Optimize Your Profile

The first thing that you should optimize whenever and whatever the platform you’re using. It is similar to that you’re optimizing your website for search engines. Do some research about what people are looking for similar words. 

The first thing you should give attention to is the username. It represents you in front of users and it will be shown into your URL. Keep it catchy and memorable so whenever people to your profile and see the pins from your boards it will be easy for them to remember and search for your profile.

Pinterest for SEO

The second most important section is “About us”, it is a place where you can put about the details of what you are, products and services. Keep it short and simple but make sure that you put all the necessary information about your business. Also, include the keywords into it so it will be helpful from an SEO perspective to rank your profile on search engine by the keyword. 

Add your company’s logo to make it easy for people to locate and save your pins. Optimizing your profile with keywords can improve your search engine page ranking as well as a help for your users to find you easily. In your profile section, you get a spot to add your website URL, grab this opportunity to market your website link & influencer CTR.

3. Keyword Research

Just like other search engines such as Google. Do some keyword research for Pinterest that makes it easier for your customers to find and locate you easily or the people who are looking for the product and services that you are also providing. 

To make sure your content is an outreach to your customers by a search engine do keyword research and make an effective keyword targeting strategy. The best way to research for keywords is by exploring searches on your own. Pinterest has a feature for search that you can use and it shows the similar most relevant query for keywords that people search. 

To understand it put a keyword on a search section and after that, you will see the top result for that query and also just below your search it shows automatic suggestion, some filter or similar keywords that you can add. 

Except for desktop, I recommended you to use the mobile version, There are 75%+ users who are using mobiles to explore the things over the web. That will be a good idea for optimizing content for mobile searching. 

Doing keyword research will increase your search ranking for a particular keyword and also improve your website authority. As it is hard to rank on some high volume keywords on your website. It takes a lot of time and effort to rank but you can rank for those keywords by your Pinterest board and profile as it has a large number of active users and already ranking for those keywords. 

4. Pin a Lot of Content/Pin Consistently

The first word “Pin”, Pin your content with the right title, keyword, and description that will boost your SEO as well. Also, you add your website link that will automatically redirect the users on the source of content and drive the users on your website. 

Think if you pin for your content, Not so much but some people repin and share your content. Now their friends also see it, pin it and share it with others. the chain continues and there are a lot of users who see your pin and which some of them visit on your website. 

Just doing one or two pins is not enough to make sure you do at least 5 pins in a day with an interval. If you do all the pins in an instant that is not going to be beneficial for you. Also, there is a risk of spam. 

The more your content shared the more chances for better ranking. As there are so many factors for ranking in which one of them is how users like your content. If more people share your content there are the number of people who see your content and it will automatically increase your content ranking. 

You can use Tailwind for Pinterest, it’s a tool using which you can join tribes. Tribes are communities that share & reshare pins on their boards.

5. Referral Traffic

As you know how powerful is backlinks and how much it is important from an SEO perspective. While pinning your content on Pinterest there is an option to add a link to the source where you can add your website page and build a link back. 

Adding your website link will direct the users on your website and helping you in the backlink, building authority as well. Getting a link from Pinterest isn’t that valuable as the link is no follow but the amount of referral traffic you can pull is astonishing.

Infographics work best to drive referral traffic from Pinterest. When creating content for Pinterest to drive traffic keep in mind that it’s a platform that supports vertical content, create vertical content that has got a lot of value to offer.

6. Comment on Other’s Pin

Just being active on your profile and pins is not enough. You have to be active with the community to gain the advantage. Pin, share and comment on others pin in term to build a relationship with others. Likes and share another pin so that users came on your profile, share your pin as well. Just like you do on other social network platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

7. Bonus Tip

Since you have clung on with us for this long so you deserve a bonus strategy. Leverage Pinterest Boards to organize and categorize your visual content. You may also wanna expect the possibility that people instead of discovering your content may discover your Pinterest Business account, the thing that will make them wanna follow you is how well your content is organized.

Gaining followers on Pinterest is of paramount importance. Your followers will be able to see your new content right away.

So, there you have it 5+1 ways you can use Pinterest to make your website popular across Pinterest, drive referral traffic & boost SEO overall.

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