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5 ways to optimize Google My Business to drive more leads

5 ways to optimize Google My Business to drive more leads

Did you know that 87% of smartphone owners use a search engine at least once a day? Not only this, but 60 % of Americans are also using smartphones and tablets to search for services and product information. And the number seems to only increase as we enter 2020. There is no doubt that with technological advancements, everything is at our fingertips. Be it a contact number or product details, You can easily access each and every information through search engines.

So, do you have a business that caters to the needs of customers? Think from the customer’s perspective. What will an individual seek when looking for a particular service? People will likely search for your business, the contact number, parking availability, location, etc. Therefore, you have to make sure that your customers get this information. But how will you do that? It is simple with the help of Google My Business or by hiring a digital marketing agency. Here are seven ways that will help you optimize your Google My Business page for more leads. 

Make sure your profile is complete

Profile completion is mandatory for any business because you don’t want to miss out on details. So, work through your Google My Business profile right away. See if all the fields are filled accurately. Of course, fields like name, address, phone number, and business name are something you never miss out on. But you also want your customers to know the category of your business, hours of operation, some photos of your office, and most vitally website. Without this information your business profile is incomplete. This is why you have to fill all the fields with the required information. 

Add a detailed description of your business

Adding a description like ‘cleaning services’ will not be enough. First, because you are not offering details about your services and second customers will be looking for a specific cleaning service. For example, apartment cleaning services, deep cleaning services, etc. This section will help your customers know exactly what you have to offer. Not only this but a detailed description means that you are also offering value to the customers. So write a thorough description and don’t forget to include details that set you apart from your competitors.

Add high-quality pictures regularly

Uploading quality pictures of your office exterior and interior is a must. Through this feature, Google is trying to give your customers a brief description of how your office will look at the location. This is to say that you should give a little glimpse of your office infrastructure and interiors. Take pictures from all angles and regularly upload new pictures because your pictures will be up-to-date and the customers will know what to expect when they visit your office. In addition to this, don’t forget to add good quality pictures. Adding pictures for the sake of it will not be enough. Use a good DSLR camera and take clear and high-resolution pictures.

Connect with your customers through Google My Business Messages  

Your customers would like to get in touch with you regarding the queries they have in mind. So, what will they do? Of course, the first obvious thing that comes to mind is that they will call you on the phone number provided. But are you sure they will only call you and not think about sending a message? Because according to a study, 90% of the leads prefer connecting through a text than call. Not only this but studies also show that messaging has a higher conversion rate than mobile advertising. This is why Google has a messaging feature. You can activate the feature and answer the queries of the customers directly. 

Add posts to your Google My Business page

Google My Business has another unique feature that was introduced by Google in 2017. It allows business owners to keep their customers informed and updated. You can use this feature to post about an upcoming event, a new product launch, share information on your recent advancements, etc. Google My Business posts will help you stand out from the crowd and generate more business as you move ahead. Although it is vital to note that you have to post something new every week because the posts tend to go dark after seven days. So, post something after seven days and add value to the content that you are posting. Interestingly, while writing a post GMB will allow you to show up to 100 characters and the rest of the text will be embedded under the reading further option. So, include the keywords in the beginning and you will be good to go. 

The Bottom Line

Optimizing your Google My Business Page is crucial for your business and online visibility. These were six tips that will help you optimize your GMB listing to drive more leads. So, don’t wait any longer and put these tips to use. You will definitely notice the change it made to your business and I am sure it will start ranking high on search engines.

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