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5 Ways to Raise Funds for Your Digital Marketing Agency

5 Ways to Raise Funds for Your Digital Marketing Agency

It’s safe to say marketing now plays a crucial role in the business world. Every company now has to promote their brand digitally which makes starting a digital marketing agency a great idea. This is especially the case now when there are so many small businesses that can’t afford to run their marketing campaigns themselves. However, just like with most businesses, you can’t start a digital marketing agency without money. In case you’re wondering how to raise funds for your new business idea, here are five ways that are guaranteed to work.

Opt for crowdfunding

This is a relatively new way of raising funds for your business which is exactly why many aspiring entrepreneurs decide to go for it. Crowdfunding is also a perfect opportunity to showcase your skills and even get clients to pre-buy your services. Of course, if you want this to succeed, it’s critical that you show your full creative potential in your campaign. There are a number of websites you can start raising money at such as Kickstarter and CircleUp. Just bear in mind that most of these sites require you to choose an amount of money you need and you only get to use the funds you collect if the goal has been achieved.

Find a business partner

Although having a business partner means you won’t get to make every decision on your own, there are quite a few positives that might help your business succeed. For example, sometimes one person is more business oriented while the other person is more creative and achieving that perfect balance is important in a field like digital marketing. Most importantly, finding a business partner might just give you a slight financial push and allow you to turn your business idea into reality. Just bear in mind that when working with a business partner, it’s critical to know exactly who owns what in case things just don’t work out and you decide to break up your partnership.

Get a loan

One of the best things you can do when starting a digital marketing agency is applying for a loan. When applying for a loan, you know exactly how much money you can get and how much interest you’re dealing with. This makes financial planning for your business much easier. The best thing about it is that you no longer have to rely on banks to give you a loan. There are companies that offer unsecured business loans and turning to one of them might be exactly what you need in order to get your digital marketing agency under way.

Find angel investors

As mentioned earlier, digital marketing now plays a huge role in the business world. This is something angel investors have recognized and trying to attract them to your business idea might just work out. However, finding angel investors who are willing to provide you with all the money you need isn’t as easy as it seems. Most of them will only attend a meeting with you just once so nailing everything from the beginning is a must. Show them why your idea is worth investing in and why you’re the person they should give funds to.


Bootstrapping may not be the fanciest option out there but sometimes, it might just work out well. If you’ve managed to save enough, you can think about using that money to get under way. This can turn out to be a good idea, especially because you can do your own marketing. However, before you do this, make sure you have enough to get all the initial steps completed. The last thing you want to do is put your money into it only to realize you don’t have enough to start operating. You can always ask your friends and family for a loan, but have in mind that disputes over money are one of the most common reasons why friendships end.

Final thoughts

You can’t run a business without money and obtaining it before you get your entrepreneurial career under way is a must. Opt for one of these five ways and with a little bit of luck, you’ll have enough to start operating in the world of digital marketing.

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