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Want To Use A SeedBox? Learn The 5 Tips To Get The Best Service

Want To Use A SeedBox? Learn The 5 Tips To Get The Best Service

Seedbox is a remote server featured with high-bandwidth that ranges from 100Mbit/s to 10Gbit/s. The server is thus considered the best partner for downloading and uploading files from the P2P network.

When it comes to participating in BitTorrent sites, seedboxes turn out to be one of the most valuable resources. A majority of BitTorrent users are appreciating this remote server and are getting attracted to its exciting features and numerous benefits.

And what about you?

Well, it is easy to say “wow” to the features and accessories of the remote server. But not every seedbox user end up accessing the best service.

In this blog, we will define the ways how you can get the best seedbox service while torrenting. Are you ready? Here we present you with the 5 key secrets.

5 Key Tips to Get the Best Service of a Seedbox

Don’t start with Large Files: Seedboxes are highly depended on its uploading and downloading ratio. If the ratio is equal or 1, means the seedbox is the best. Otherwise, not. Hence it is important to improve the ratio first, before meeting your own desires.

The best way to improve the ratio is to start using smaller files on seedbox, instead of large GB files. Smaller files are more likely to get downloaded than the larger files. This improves the ratio as well as improves the hosting experience.

Don’t miss out the High L Torrents: Look for high L torrents, torrents that have more number of leechers. Instead of focusing on new releases, it is important to pay more attention to this.

However, torrents with more number of seeders can even be responsible for improving the ratio.

Maintain files properly: Often people, while uploading and downloading files, forget to maintain the files on seedbox that no one is downloading. This affects the seedbox negatively.

Just making the torrent files available is not enough to have the best seedbox service. It is important to maintain the files as well. Once the downloading of files is over, make sure you won’t delete them or remove them from the list. This may hinder the uploading statistics of seedboxes.

Don’t miss out the Freebies: How can you miss out the freebies? It is important that you take the leverage of freebie downloads, as this also contributes a lot in improving the BitTorrent site ratio.

Many of you may feel freebie downloads negatively influence the torrent ratio. But the truth is this adds a good ratio on private Bit Torrent sites. You just can’t ignore it in any way.

Choose the best Seedbox: Finally, it is time to choose the best seedbox to experience the best service of this remote server. You have the option to access the least bandwidth of 100Mbit/s but it is always advised to select the high bandwidth range to witness the smoothness of the server.

You will love to experience this incredible tool for your Bit Torrent site.

More About Seedboxes

Seedboxes are now featured with Plex drives and cloud. In this way, you can stream your media files on the cloud and can store your media files there, saving storage space of your device.

Likewise, seedboxes have turned down every other server that has come on its way.

Look for the best remote server providing company and get the best seedbox for your use. But make sure you embrace the above-mentioned points before making your own judgment.

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