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5 things any office needs to keep their security in check

5 things any office needs to keep their security in check

Security is the most important thing for our lives and our valuable assets. We should pay attention to all our home and office. Workplaces of all types, from the single floor to the whole premises, should be as safe as possible. Office is the place where we have a wide variety of valuable assets like computers, important legal documents and cash. An effective security measure not only protects the contents of your building against theft, but can also minimizes your insurance premium expenses. Although each organization is different, here are some general security tips and proven things to keep your workplace security in check;

Alarm system

An alarm clock is one of the first things, any office needs to have to improve security system. It is an important warning for thieves. You can send distress signals through a mobile phone, landline or internet connection to a monitoring station that sends police to the scene. Some systems also have an intercom system. When the alarm is set off, the system directly connects the business owners the monitoring station. This ensures that the police are notified as soon as possible, even if the intruder enters your building.

Electronic keys

A secure office should have electronic keys for interior doors. Theycan be programmed so that only certain doors are opened. If no key is returned, you can simply reprogram the system to restrict access to that key. An additional benefit of the electronic key is that, depending on the system, the use of this key can be recorded and tracked at any time.

Every organization needs security or management system to run their businesses, SM Tech provides restaurant management system in Nepal and also other IT systems for business.

Fire and security rated safe. 

Keep all financial and financial information in a fire proof safe that complies with your insurance policy. Important documents are what runs the office and should be kept safe from theft or lost. Restrict access to the combination to others and change the combination frequently. This ensures safety to your cash and other legal papers.


CCTV images are not only limited to solving crimes, they can also be used to prevent any crime. You must install a CCTV camera in your office. They are an important aspect of public security system and create a warning to the thieves and make them think twice before entering into your office premises. Carefully place the cameras and check whether the lighting is sufficient. The footage of CCTV proves to be beneficial for any office directly and indirectly.

Laptop lock

Laptops are regularly chosen as a target for theft, especially by opportunists who come. However, using a laptop lock might make it harder for potential thieves to steal your computer. The working mechanism of the laptop lock is similar to that of the bike. It is relatively inexpensive and easy to install and this security system should be considered by any office having valuable assets like Laptops and mobiles.

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