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5 reasons why Blockchain could be more Disruptive than Amazon

5 reasons why Blockchain could be more Disruptive than Amazon

Do you ever wonder about how much data every individual has stored on the internet? How does it get stored? Where does all of that information go and how is it kept track of? Important questions indeed. The technology that makes it possible is quite fascinating. It is called block chain (formerly known as blockchain), and it is one of the most common things in the tech world in the present day. Originally, it was created back in the 90s. The technology recently resurfaced in the form of the crypto currency “Bitcoin”, and potential uses of this technology are being discovered by the day. In fact, it’s getting so popular that it might actually disrupt our lives even more than the infamous Amazon AI. I wonder if there will come a point when I won’t even have to do my college essay writing online.

People like money…a lot

Block chain provides people with investment opportunities. Amazon might be great, but it lacks a little bit in this department. When it comes to small businesses and serial entrepreneurs, the block chain technology seems like it’s becoming their best friend, because it can help them take off no matter how small their business is and assist all of their basic needs as far as their data and its protection goes.

What can’t it do?

New, innovative ideas related to block chain emerge every day – who wouldn’t love to have it be a part of whatever they’re trying to create? Block chain isn’t just associated with bitcoin anymore, it has its own real world uses. Following are some of its very helpful uses that have recently been discovered.

  • Money transfers or payment processing
  • Monitoring supply chains
  • Data sharing
  • Royalty protection
  • Security purposes

All of these are required by businesses everywhere, so it makes perfect sense for this technology to attract everyone that comes across it and could potentially use it.

It will cater to your trust issues

Con artists love to play around with new technology like this, because people don’t know a lot about it, which makes everyone gullible. They fool people by creating more hype and less tangible substance, which means a lot of empty promises when it comes to the services that will be provided. Ads such as “Earn Money Quick!” will become much less often, which means less viruses waiting to attack unsuspecting internet users.

  • Say goodbye to annoying fake ads
  • Trustworthy and practical uses with substance will now be available

Help my business out!

A lot of services that normally deal with market values and such are very volatile. Even cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin can’t be fully trusted when it comes to this, due to the fact that their values can easily change. This could cause businesses and organizations to go into loss. The reason we no longer have to worry about this is due to the existence of a service known as Stable Coin. It is a stable monetary system which often helps its users escape loss from incidents such as market crashes. It could even help out in things such as dissertation services, isn’t that crazy? 

  • Stable coins will help make sure market value changes do not affect businesses in any way
  • No more uncertainty when investing

It just happens to be more versatile

There are way more uses for block chain now than were initially thought possible. Block chain has been underestimated for quite a while due to its association with cryptocurrencies. However, it is not affiliated with bitcoin only. Different industries have now begun to learn about what block chain can really do for them, which is making it more and more common in the market. As the usage increases, more and more applications of block chain are being discovered. Its features are being explored which is great for its development.

  • People will now able to use a new tech with a clean slate
  • People will now have more freedom to use block chain to their benefit


Elijah Gabrielson has a master’s in Linguistics from College of Liberal Arts-University of Illinois. He is a lecturer and takes part regularly in Eazy research projects, along with tutoring students part time due to his love for teaching.

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