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5 Reason Why Cowhide Rugs Are Most Sustainable Today

5 Reason Why Cowhide Rugs Are Most Sustainable Today

Cowhide is the skin of the cow that is unbleached and contains the natural print and the hair of the cow. You may have used many types of rugs and carpets in your life, but this is the type of rug which is quite unique. It is in the growing trend these days as it is convenient, and all the skin of the cows can be used.

Did you know cowhide was used by the southern African Zulu people to make shields and skirts? Well, we do not need those, but cowhide rugs are more sustainable in the present world.

 cowhide rugs

Here Are The Some Points Are Discussed Below.

Making Of Cowhide Does Not Harm People And The Environment

Well, I am pretty sure you do not want to eat the cow skin so what do you do with it? The lower quality cowhides are used for making bags while the ones that are beautiful are turned into cowhide rugs. The basic type of carpet we use can be harmful to us as its production itself causes many types of chemicals to enter the body of the carpet maker and also the waste is harmful to the environment. In the process of making cowhide rugs, basically no type of waste is thrown into the environment and the cow skin is put to good use without being wasted.

Can Be Used Instead Of Regular Carpets

Do you know the size of a cowhide rug? Wouldn’t it be the perfect thing to be lying on the wooden floor of your living space? Imagine it for a while. A regular carpet can be found in anybody’s home but how often do you see a cowhide in the living space of a person’s house. You do not and, that is the reason why in this article we talk about cowhide rugs being one of the sustainable choices as its fabric is usually of high quality and low-quality materials do not make it to the production work area.

Quality Of The Product Is High

Let me be honest with you guys here. There are two types of cowhide rugs; one that is of high quality and the one that is damaged due to some event in the life of an animal. The second category usually do not make it and the ones you see hanging in the shop area are the ones that have qualified to be in the shop to be bought. So, yeah whenever you buy one, know that it has passed few of the tests to reach there.

Might Seem Expensive But The Buy Is Worth It.

I do not know why I am being so honest in this article. The price of cowhide  can be in all sorts of price ranges but the thing is that whenever you buy one you buy it with the guarantee that it will last you for many years in comparison to  the regular carpet we buy at homes that are the main source of infection as it catches bacteria inside it and the insects living in it dies in it.

Can Be Cleaned

This is probably one of the best things about cowhides. It can be washed and cleaned easily. With a little soap and water, you can use a sponge to do the work or buy some readymade cleaning solutions that may work better.

These are five reasons for cowhide rugs to have become so popular. Buy one to understand how different it is from other organic rugs in the market and enjoy displaying it in your house

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