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I cannot stress enough how vital home security is. We live in quite a different time as the previous generation. We just can’t rely on the inherent goodness of other people anymore. Constant vigilance is our number one defense against any attack, especially in our homes. Lucky for us, we have one thing going our way – technology.

The gadgets to protect our homes and property are vastly different from the ones common in the past decade. What was once exclusive security equipment for big establishments are now available for mass market consumption with prices ranging from the very cheap to the very expensive. Because of this, we have no excuse why we should put home security in the back burner now that we have so much option to be proactive.

Below is a list of the five must-have gadgets to improve your home security.

Web Cameras

Web cameras are a little bit different than the traditional CCTV cameras. While CCTV means a closed system of camera and video recorder, a web camera’s footage can be stored and accessed through the web. Other models make it possible to save footage online. 

What’s great about web cameras is real-time monitoring even if you’re not physically linked to the system as long as you have net access. They range in sizes from the discreet to bulky ones that offer high-resolution images and infrared capabilities. Some even have features like an audio recorder.

Motion Sensors

Most homes have blind spots that are away from the public eye that many criminals and thieves exploit. While the smart thing to do would be to install a camera to monitor the spot, a cheap and a better alternative is to install motion sensors. 

Most of these sensors are lights that get activated in the presence of movement. They flood the area with so much light anyone would be deterred to pursue their break-in. These also have an added advantage of scaring vermin away when they make their way into your property.

Light on Doorbells

Typically, thieves ring the bell to see if anyone is at home. You don’t have to scare them away by answering the door; a simple sound-activated light will do it for you. This can also come in handy when you’re not at home. If someone rings your doorbell and a light comes on, it would scare strangers away thinking that someone is at home.

Wire Security Cameras

These are simple cameras that are easy to install and operate. They continuously record and store footage away. Unlike web cameras, set up is easy. You don’t need to connect them to your WiFi. They store their footage in one central location that can be accessed by connecting a computer into it.

Smart Deadbolt

There are a lot of people who think a deadbolt is enough security to secure their home. But these are easy to circumnavigate by a smart thief. Getting a smart deadbolt that raises the alarm if it’s unlocked the wrong way will definitely scare away any would-be burglar from gaining access to your home.

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