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5 Devices and Trends to Boost Your Productivity in a Digital Environment

5 Devices and Trends to Boost Your Productivity in a Digital Environment

In any industry, you need adequate tools in order to give it your best performance. For instance, a mechanic would need jack stands, a toolbox and an LED lamp, however, this list is not always clear for those working in the digital environment. It’s more than evident that you need proper tools to give you the edge, however, which of these items make the biggest difference? With that in mind, here are the top five devices and trends to make your productivity skyrocket.

Multiple screens

The concept of multiple screens is so revolutionary due to the fact that they benefit people in virtually every industry. This is because they make both multitasking and regular work much easier. In fact, according to some estimates, working with multiple screens makes you about 35 percent more productive. For instance, when you’re coding or writing, you can simultaneously look at the resources and do your task.

Car charger

For a lot of people, the commute is a huge chunk of their day. This makes their car their secondary office, but one particular problem with this office lies in the fact that your phone has a limited amount of battery. If you decide to talk to people while driving (via a Bluetooth speaker, for the reasons of safety), you will deplete your battery fairly quickly. The more apps you have running in the background, the quicker this will all play out. So, why not invest in a simple car charger instead?

Power bank

Another solution to your battery problem is purchasing a power bank. First of all, a power bank is an inexpensive device. Second, it’s quite versatile, seeing as how you can use it with a plethora of devices (tablet, smartphone, laptop, e-book reader). This device can prolong the duration of your battery for hours and hours. It’s also quite portable. You can put it in your backpack, in your laptop bag or even carry it around in your pocket. This is also great for use on public transportation and on camping trips. It can also make working in nature a lot less stressful.

Noise-canceling headphones

Just because you’re working in a digital space, this doesn’t mean that the real world is not distracting you every step of the way. Your coworkers can sometimes be particularly loud, and what about those who like to work in places such as coffee shops or from public transportation? With the help of noise-canceling earphones such as Shure SE846, you can make this a lot easier and ensure that you will be able to focus any place, any time.

Time management app

Finally, we have another trend on this list, apps that can help make your day much more productive. The biggest problem with wasting time or being inefficient lies in the fact that, most of the time, you won’t even be aware that you’re that inefficient. Fortunately, with a time-management app on your side, you’ll get a much greater insight into how you’re spending the time that you’re supposed to spend working. The first step to solving a problem is to properly diagnose and analyze it. 


Of course, the list doesn’t end there and you should be free to expand it to your own liking and to your own behest. The reason why we’ve listed these five trends and devices is that A) they’re easy to implement, B) they can be introduced regardless of the industry and C) they give consistent results. Even if the boost in productivity is not drastic (and in some of these scenarios it will be), they can’t hurt you in any way. In other words, each of them represents a fail-safe plan.

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