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5 Best Road Trip Tours in 2020

5 Best Road Trip Tours in 2020

Traveling is a great way of fun, it’s also a great way to learn new things, experience new culture and meet people. When you travel to a new place it makes you get out of your comfort zone and face the unknown causing you to think differently. But probably the most valuable thing you gain on your travels is all the memories you get to create. All the out of ordinary experiences you’ve had abroad create a memory that will stay with you and that you’ll remember for a long time. For most people, these memories and experiences are the main reasons for hitting the road. 

If you’re making a plan where to go next and which places to visit in the upcoming year, here are a few suggestions you’d like to consider. 

Galway, Ireland 

Ireland has a lot to offer, from breathtaking landscapes to friendly locals. In this magical country, there are lots of places to visit. One city, in particular, is Galway City. This is the liveliest city of the island, filled with pubs and music all around you. In this place, people live by their rules and most visitors are drawn by the beauty of the landscape. No matter the season you decide to visit this city, be sure you’ll stumble upon celebrations of music, art, food, nature and literature. No wonder why Galway was named the European Capital of Culture for 2020 (along with Rijeka located in Croatia). 

Not to mention all the festivals that are held in this wonderful city. The most famous one is the Galway International Arts Festival which lasts for two weeks during July. And this year, if you’re a fan of quality music you’ll get a chance to listen to musicians such as Pixies, Sinéad O’Connor and the Flaming Lips. 

Tasmania, Australia

A wonderful continent called Australia has a lot of magical things to offer. One part of it, known as Tasmania is one of the fastest-growing tourism destinations, and there are some valid reasons for that. On this little island, you can visit lavender fields located in the North, and the best time for that is at the beginning of the year since the fields usually start blooming in February. Related to lavender fields, prepare to be blown away by colorful and lovely tulip farm. There’s even a festival called ‘Bloomin’ Tulips’ dedicated to this gift of nature. If you’re into wandering around and discovering the place by yourself, you can easily rent a car and start driving in Tasmania while enjoying the view and privilege to stop by whenever and wherever you want to. And don’t forget to use the chance and see one of the small and cute creatures called Tasmanian Devil. They can be found in wildlife parks or wildlife sanctuaries. 

La Paz, Bolivia

Probably the most interesting thing about this place is its height. Located at over 3,000 meters above sea level this city is a remarkable place for discovering. One of the top things you should visit on this trip is the Witches Market, which is both fascinating and weird at the same time. Don’t get scared if you stumble upon alpaca and other creatures’ fetuses. The real magic happens when a local start explaining you the culture, traditions and interesting stories related to this place. In between places and exploring don’t forget to taste snacks called salteña which are Bolivian’s favourite thing to eat during brunch time. If you’re a nature lover and into camping, there are lots of great campsites where you can rest your head and soul in your own tent or some peaceful lodges. For all the adrenaline lovers and those who are brave enough, you could try and take a ride on one of Bolivia’s best ziplines or take a cycle death road which is one of the most dangerous roads in La Paz.

Kochi, India 

The most valuable thing about Kochi is its architectural and historical sites which will help you travel back in time when the Dutch, British, Portuguese and Chinese occupied this city. Kochi has a lot of boho cafes, art galleries and hidden places that keep this city on a tight rope between history and tradition while embracing its modern coolness. Probably the most interesting thing to see while you stay there is the traditional dance performance called Kathakali. This dance represents many folk stories and it’s famous for its colorful and fascinating costumes. If you’re curious enough, you may sneak into the backstage and look at the artists while they’re preparing for the dance.  

And when you get hungry make sure you visit the Ginger House Museum Hotel. There you can find a restaurant that offers some of the most delicious Indian dishes and snacks including ginger ice cream, ginger lassi and others. If you’re in search of the most romantic view while having dinner, make sure you visit this place during nighttime.

Cape Town, South Africa

There are so many things waiting to be discovered by you in Cape Town. The most famous place for tourists is Cape of Good Hope which is known for its stormy weather. If you’re in a mood for hiking make sure you visit Table Mountain, recommendable early in the morning and don’t forget to bring enough water for this journey! Cape Town is famous for its wine and there’s nothing better than spending a day wine tasting in some of the best and oldest wine regions in this city. For all those of you who are planning on staying for a couple of days and have enough time, make sure you visit Gansbaai which is not that far away from Cape Town. There you’ll get a lifetime experience and chance to watch whales and white sharks. If you’re brave enough you may even go diving with them. 


There’s a nice quote that goes ‘The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page’ and nothing speaks more truth than this. Travelling enriches you and your spirit. Exploring the world around you makes you wiser and smarter.

Hopefully this year you’ll get a chance to enjoy yourself and visit some of the places that have been waiting patiently on your ‘to visit’ list. 

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