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5 Benefits of Intent Data for B2B Businesses

5 Benefits of Intent Data for B2B Businesses

Being a B2B marketer in 2020 is a challenging role. The list of tasks that you are required to perform is long. At a minimum, your job will involve defining buyer persons, creating timely and relevant content, conducting market analysis, and creating stable pipelines for conversion.

The only way to ensure success is, instead of responding to the situation as it unfolds, you will need to anticipate future scenarios before they become a reality, to capitalize on them when the moment comes. This is where intent data comes into play. Buyer Intent data is a collection of information about the behavior of a particular company that tells you whether the prospect is in the buying stage or just passing by the information related to your product or service.

Personalize Your Website Experience for Anonymous Visitors

When people visit your website before filling out a form, their activities are considered “anonymous.” This term is a bit misleading because, of course, the visitor is not completely anonymous. You can identify the company and/or industry with the right technology that a visitor represents based on IP address alone.

After you “anonymously” identify visitors on your website and track the pages they view, you can use web personalization to serve customized content to encourage them to take a specific action.

Better Targeted Content

You can create highly targeted content that will respond to the problems of your audience without having to talk directly to you. With customized content, you can motivate your customers and load it with marketing messages that resonate with them, as well as their current problems.

Campaign Performance Measurement

First-party intent data can provide marketers with performance predictions for their campaigns, enabling them to identify which campaigns drive the engagement, and which are a drain on company resources.

A Better Understanding of Client Pain Points 

Depending on the signals or triggers you are looking for, you can acquire invaluable information about what your potential customers are actively looking for or talking about online. This allows you to customize your approach completely and deliver a personalized campaign that displays your product or service in the best possible way.

It also offers you valuable primary research that can be used to constantly develop your product range and address the pain points of your customers.

Prioritize Inbound Leads Based on Engagement

With the broad adoption of marketing automation, many companies are already using behavioral data from 1st parties (i.e. the individual context) to optimize their lead scoring model. This scoring model attempts to measure the visitor ‘s purpose based on a combination of activities. 

For example, when leads visit your product overview page, they’ll increase their lead score by 5. If they visit your pricing page, indicating an even greater interest in buying, it will increase by 10, and so on. 


B2B marketers are on the verge of solving a long-standing marketing issue by incorporating intent data into their technology stacks. It helps you to strategize how to reach out to the right customer at the right time, with the right kind of message.

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