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5 Amazing Back-to-School Apps for Your Kids

5 Amazing Back-to-School Apps for Your Kids

When kids are going back to school, they need help to get back on track and improve skills on their own. The list of apps can help kids prepare before the school begins and get ready to learn new things every single day rather than worrying about finishing homework.

1. myHomework

Kids can easily organize every big project or assignment using myHomework. It is free on the app store and can be an amazing addition to the list of back-to-school apps. myHomework is a digital trainer assisting your kids to finish the assignments on time and become a better version of themselves gradually. It allows you to open a different coaching account especially if you are a tutor, educator, or teacher. Whether you are using a Windows, Mac, iPad, or iPhone, myHomework can help kids stay on track of their assignments.

2. iStudiez Pro

Tired of dealing and finishing your homework? iStudiez Pro is the ultimate app for kids who find it challenging to finish school assignments or projects. It can help kids manage their homework assignments and keep every assignment or task in order. iStudiez Pro is regarded as one of the best student planners on the app store which can help you schedule detailed assignments and projects. For the past 9 years, iStudiez Pro has been helping kids with their homework and assignments with the help of a daily checklist. If you don’t trust education apps and haven’t used one before, then iStudiez Pro wouldn’t disappoint.

3. Cozi

A top-rated family app designed specifically to keep track of all the itineraries, daily to-do lists, and tasks for every individual family member. The app is free on the app store helping families to organize monthly grocery plans, keep every small or major activity at one place, and help you store amazing recipes at the tip of your fingers. From keeping track of the family calendar to creating to-do lists, and family journal, families can stay organized using Cozi. With the help of this amazing app, you can set reminders and organize activities.

4. Lala Lunchbox

Ever heard of an app which lets you prepare your lunch? By using Lala Lunchbox, you can pick and choose any virtual lunch from a wide array of food items. If you are a parent and worry constantly about daily school lunches, Lala Lunchbox can help you with planning and choosing everyday meals. There are many amazing and interactive features which can keep the kids engaged and eat their meals. Lala Lunchbox is regarded as the best-selling meal apps on the Google store for families and kids. To boost a nutritious diet, the parents can easily add or remove meals or ingredients from the list. Lala Lunchbox will not only save your precious time and money as well as empower kids to make grocery shopping a seamless experience.

5. School Supply List

It can be hectic for parents and teachers to keep track of school supplies and ensure kids have everything they need at school. But the School Supply List helps parents to build separate lists, create notes for every item, transform the quantity and store. Use the School Supply List to save comprehensive lists with you at all times. Not only it can help you track the regular grocery list but can categorize lists using items of daily use.

This is an amazing list of back-to-school apps which is helping school kids and parents to stay organzied and healthy every day. If you have a similar idea in mind to create a similar back-to-school or education app, then hire React Native Developers to get the job done.

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