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4 Ways to Show Your Employees that You Appreciate Them

4 Ways to Show Your Employees that You Appreciate Them

Showing your employees that you appreciate them is the essential step in creating a strong sense of customer loyalty in your office. Now, in order to avoid any confusion, what you need to understand is that, even though it’s incredibly important, appreciation isn’t everything. Your employees can trust you and respect you even without feeling appreciated by you, yet, this is a scenario where they won’t be fully content in your employ and might leave at the first opportunity. This is why finding ways to show appreciation is important and this is why it can make a difference.

With that in mind, here are the top four ways for you to Appreciate Employees

appreciate employees

Take their side

No, the customer is not always right and if you insist on this outdated postulate, you risk to seriously undermine the brand loyalty that your staff might feel. Sure, losing a client is bad, however, what about the idea that your entire staff will instantly start thinking somewhat worse about you? Also, the person complaining is often, but sometimes people are just bitter and insult others for no reason. Sometimes, people just look for a reason to complain and you need to ask yourself if these are the customers that are worth keeping, especially at the expense of your own staff?

Have some time for them

Another thing you need to understand is the fact that, as a small enterprise, chances are that you won’t have that many employees. Therefore, there’s no excuse for not finding time to sit down with each and every one of them every once in a while, in order to see what troubles them. If they have a valuable piece of feedback to share, they might feel more comfortable doing so in a one-on-one conversation than during an office meeting where all eyes are set on them. Also, this will help you connect with your employees on a personal level, which definitely has its benefits.

Reward their loyalty

Rewarding the loyalty of your employees is important but finding the right way to do so is not as easy. If you want to spend some resources on this reward, you might think towards a promotion or even a bonus, yet, this is not always a good idea. Why? Well, because your employees might not see this as a reward. A promotion is something that most people feel like they deserve, which is why they’ll see it as a scenario where they’re just receiving what they’re due, not as you doing something to show how much you care. Bestowing them with a prepaid visa card as a reward for their loyalty, however, is an entirely different thing.

Give them a chance to pursue their ambition

The last thing you need to understand is the fact that your employees, as is only natural, care about themselves more than they care about you. This is why they will eventually make a pause to ask a question – what is there for me? By showing them that you have a plan that includes them and by sharing some details about this plan with them, you’ll create a scenario where they will feel like they belong in your employ. Giving them a chance to grow is incredibly important, which includes investing in their education and giving them more and more responsibility with time.


Showing your staff that you care about them is quite simple, when you come to think about it. The trick is in making them feel appreciated and making this feel genuine. Generic pep-talk is something that the majority of office workers are already so used to that it no longer gives any effect. This is why you need to adopt a show-do-not-tell approach. This is where the above-listed four tips can come in quite handy.

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