4 Tools for Streamlining New Customer Outreach

Regardless of your business, we are living in a climate of optimal growth opportunities to present new business opportunities to current clients and build a new clientele with potential clients. Despite what seems like an endless amount of work, understanding that a growing business is a successful business is key. Continue reading to discover some advantages of a growing business and get four tips for streamlining your customer outreach.

One of the major advantages of a growing business is a larger revenue. However, a growing business creates a full circle moment that includes the opportunity to hire more employees thus a broader outreach in your community. Once you have outreach in your community, streamlining it is essential.

Customer outreach is a method of keeping the customers that you have and getting new customers. It is a vital part of a successful business and there are many methods to achieve it. Four methods of steaming customer outreach are:

1. Know Your Target Audience

Your target audience is who you work for. It is who your services or products are designed for. For instance, if you customize athletic sneakers, your target audience won’t be older women who are shopping for orthopedic shoes and walkers. Similarly, if you sell organic bamboo baby clothing, you are not going to target your sales pitch to teenaged urban youth.

Knowing your target audience will save you a lot of time, money, and frustration. Some ways to know them are:

-Demographics: Narrow by age, location, sex, income level, title, and so forth

-Past hoppers: Broadening your target is essential but sticking with who got you to this level of success is also essential.

-Sales funnel: have a program in place so that you can see where potential customers are in the sales funnel process. If they continue to stop at a certain level – put more emphasis there so that you can convert them to customers.

2. Use Social Media

As a tool for businesses, social media users have been able to grow businesses exponentially. They have made businesses grow and be a major network tool for customers looking for services. According to surveys, businesses using social media to grow their business are 40% more likely to succeed. Some ways that businesses can effectively use social media are:

-Interact with customers’ comments, posts, and inquiries.

-Consistently posts to their page and engages customers.

-Make posts useful and meaningful to customers.

-Give customers the first tidbits of new product information and sales information.

3. Hand Written Notes

There is something to be appreciated about the internet. The speed at which spending a note or message can be completed and doing multiple notes at one time. However, a handwritten note is like magic when it comes to customers. There is a level of appreciation that customers have for a business owner taking the time to write a handwritten note. Writing to customers is one of the best ways to attract new customers.

If your business is growing and successful, some tips for handwritten notes are:

-Get fun stationery for your business.

-Make sure your handwriting is legible.

-Personalize your note with an anecdote.

-Offer your customer something in the note – discount or sale price.

4. Call Your Customers

There is nothing that tells a customer that they matter like giving them a telephone call. Although the telephone is seen as the most basic form of communication, it can often be one of the best. The benefits of a two-way conversation between a business and customers can result in the business hearing directly from the customer what they need to change and what they are doing well. Your customers will tell friends about your call and offer which will turn into new customers.

In addition, it is also a great way for a business to show appreciation and the most effective way to offer customers a direct sale benefit. Once you have started calling customers, you may find that you enjoy the benefits that the final expense telesales bring into your company. Selling by telephone could be a way to take your business to another level and less stressful than in-person sales.

As you have read, despite what seems like an endless amount of work, understanding that a growing business is a successful business is key. There are several ways to successfully streamline new customer outreach which will benefit your business.