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4 Tips for Growing Your Home-Based Business Quickly

4 Tips for Growing Your Home-Based Business Quickly

2019 is the year of the side hustle. In the 21st century, launching your own home business is as easy as choosing the groceries you are going to buy this week. In fact, sometimes buying the groceries is harder than simply clicking a “launch” button.

However, maintaining and growing your home-based business is another animal all together. And if you’re not careful, that animal might just eat up all your grocery money before you get a chance to fill your own belly.

As any true entrepreneur knows, building a business takes time, effort, and a great deal of elbow grease to truly make headway. However, if you have the tenacity and research skills, building your own business to work full-time from home is a totally viable possibility. Whether you’re running a Shopify store, a full-time blog, or are part of an MLM tier.

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The following checklist will help you get organized and grow your home based business from a rinky dink lemonade stand to a whole lemonade factory.

1. Invest, don’t impulse buy.

When it comes to stocking your refrigerator, are you a lister or a pantser? Do you methodically choose your groceries with care, or do you buy whatever looks good at the moment? If you’ve done the latter, you know the middle of the week blues when you have a block of cheese, a bag of potato chips, and an onion. That’s it. What kind of meal can you make with that? No kind.

Avoid this costly mistake in your business. When it comes to stocking an inventory or investing in advertisements, do your homework and create a detailed plan for how you will execute the tools you purchase.

A good rule of thumb is this:

  • Every purchase you make has to boost revenue for your business
  • Every purchase you make has to have long term sustainability
  • Every purchase you make needs to either make time for you or make sales with your customers

Anything else is considered the junk food of the business world. Don’t buy the Snickers until you have a full pantry.

2. Enlist the help of digital marketing.

Digital Marketing has several different incarnations in this eCommerce driven economy.

Typical advertisements are becoming more and more of an “old hat” routine. On average, consumers see over 4,000 advertisements per day. Of these 4000, the few that truly register are the ones that are either funny or actually depict an item the customer currently needs.

A far greater form of advertisement is in the form of content creation. Content creation brands your company as an authority in your industry. It allows you the opportunity to truly connect with your consumers through content like videos, blog posts, or transmedia storytelling. Not only does this establish your brand as a brand that likes to promote fun and engaging content, but it sets you in a position as an educator. Educators empower their potential consumers to make an informed decision. The power in this is that consumers then get to weigh all their options and then choose to return to your product or service of their own volition.

While you offer them a call to action in every post or video, the consumer has been given the power of choice. When a person chooses you because they want to choose you, not only will they come back again and again, but they will become one of your most powerful advocates.

3. Opt for cloud computing.

Researching your online presence host is absolutely key to ensuring you get a host which suits your needs. While shared servers are often inexpensive, they offer the least amount of internet protection and often cause their clients to lose weeks of content due to insufficient backup software.

There are two ways to combat this issue. You can choose to invest in a dedicated server which allows you to put up your own security measures and backup systems. Alternatively, you can opt for a cloud computing software.

Not only will investing in a cloud computing software give you a separate place to keep your files safe. But these files can be shared across your company network to ensure amazing communication between you, your colleagues, and your clients.

Protecting your content and sensitive information is absolutely key. Researching and considering a good cloud backup system is definitely an area where you do not want to cut corners. If you want your business to thrive.

4. Decide on a consistent schedule.

Most people choose a home-based business as a career for the convenience of a flexible schedule. However, most people—even the most hardworking people—fail to take into account essential time management skills when building a business. Often in the beginning you have less time, not more. When you are in transition, it is important to map out what hours you will be working. And what tasks or goals you need to hit during those time-frames.

In order to optimize your time working from your home office, using Google Calendar or Evernote will help you organize. Your tasks and time frames to keep your productivity up and running. Beating procrastination is one of the hardest obstacles to overcome. Yet, consistent follow through means long term success. Remember this when building your lemonade stand: slow and steady really does win the race.

Wrapping Up

At the end of the day, implementing the principles on this checklist will propel you towards greater success in running your home-based business. Growing your clientele from a small base to something large, quite literally starts at home. Optimizing your efficiency, your budget, and your technological resources will help you reach out to your consumers on a consistent basis. These tools will also help you keep your focus and your goals in mind as you press forward. And your business begins to grow from a tiny little front yard stand to an entire lemonade enterprise.

BIO: Joe Peters is a Baltimore-based freelance writer and an ultimate tech enthusiast. When he is not working his magic as a marketing consultant, this incurable tech junkie enjoys reading about the latest apps and gadgets and binge-watching his favorite TV shows.

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