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Social Proof: 4 techniques to boost your sales

Social Proof: 4 techniques to boost your sales

A powerful psychological lever, the social proof defines the tendency of the human being to compare his choices to those of his peers. A destination for the next vacation? The brand of his new mixer or the wallpaper of the room of his future baby? For all these decisions, the consumer wants to know what others have done in the same situation. He wants to consult the opinions of Internet users to find the best product or service for his needs.

Your goal? Let him choose YOUR company. But to do this, you must promote the ”  social proof ” in favor of your brand. Let canada seo company help you with their expertise in social media marketing techniques.

Discover 4 techniques to boost your sales by playing on this psychological phenomenon.

1. View customer testimonials on your site

According to a Hubspot study , 88% of consumers trust users ‘comments as much as their friends’ recommendations. The average buyer reads about 10 comments online before making a purchase decision. In general, Internet users give more credit to external recommendations than to the brands themselves.

But what happens in the head of the user when he reads a testimony? He said to himself: ”  If others buy this article and even bother to leave positive testimonials, I must also offer it to me. It is surely worth it.  “. After this reflection, he is likely to validate his basket.

Are your customers satisfied with your services? Encourage them to say so through comments and recommendations on your site, certified opinion platforms or on your social networks. Let your buyers make your ad!

For example, the Rentalscar site displays, on its homepage, the notices posted on the Trustpilot certified platform. A way to quickly trust visitors.

Better yet, you can multiply the impact of comments by adding the photo of each customer, as well as additional information (geolocation, position, company, age …).

For example, Sendinblue displays a slider with pictures of his clients , their post, their company … and their testimony.

2. Mention the most popular products or services

The user launches a search on a product or a popular service? See the results of the top-selling products or the most popular services and feel free to play on the small remaining quantities to reinforce the idea that the product likes a lot. Reassured to know that many other customers have chosen this product before him , he will probably validate his purchase.

A method proven by Booking that consistently displays the hotels with the best ratings and reviews first and floods the description of its hotels with information that reinforces the feeling of being in front of a hotel highly valued by Internet users (more than 5 beds available, 3 other people were looking for accommodation on the same dates …)

3. Publish influencer or celebrity endorsements

Considered as a reliable source of information, influencers benefit from a real power of persuasion on their audience. 75% of Internet users have given in to the purchase of a product recommended by an influencer .

Cooperate with famous bloggers who share your values ​​and who speak to your target. Your collaboration can take several forms: publication of an opinion on your site , recommendation of your articles on its social networks , product test (s) published on its blog … All the consequences of an influencer are considered as a powerful social proof .

As soon as an influential blogger shares content (article, video, social media publication) about you, share it on social media , as does the Jennyfer brand:

4. Promote your awards and honors

The social proof is a wonderful lever to win the trust of consumers . Customers want proof of your professionalism, the quality of your services. What better than the prizes and distinctions obtained to convince them?

A renowned organization awards you a prize? Post it prominently on your site. A recognized media speaks about your brand? Your audience must know it!

For example, this agency puts its social media certifications ahead, to reassure prospects on its professionalism.

The social proof does wonders for conversion and lead retention. Use this powerful online marketing lever now on your digital channels! To set up this type of action on your website you can find the webmarketing expert you need

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