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3 Simple Ways to Close More Sales In 2020

3 Simple Ways to Close More Sales In 2020

Closing is about improving the sales process to get an order ultimately. Up to 80 percent of sales are lost merely because the seller fails to close.

They tried old scripts, use non-friendly tone, too pushy and many more dumb mistakes. Remember that whatever you are trying to sell may be different, so some things may require an earlier close while others may take time.

For example, you may close early to get an appointment to discuss your product or service. In this case, you will be selling an appointment, not a product.

In other instances, you may require a meeting with a committee that makes a purchasing decision. In that case, you will be selling a meeting. 

When you view the sales process in this light, it will take a little pressure off of each encounter and make things a bit more manageable. In doing this, however, don’t be lulled into complacency – remember that your ultimate goal is to sell the product.

You must sequentially ask for the order, and no sales conversation should ever end without an agreement to some next step. Statements such as “We’ll get back to you” should not satisfy you. What could you say in response to such a point to advance the sale?  

Closing sales are about discovering and overcoming obstacles. For example, in the sales process, you will meet responses such as “Sounds good, but I’ve already got one,” “It’s too expensive,” or “I’ll need to think about it.” How would you react to these?

So, without wasting more time, let’s dive in. Here are three simple methods you can use to close more sales.

1. Make the prospects realize that they have a problem

Make it hurt! Make your chance to feel like they can’t live without the product. You can do this by asking diagnostic questions that lead them to realize that they need the product. The questions will make the prospects open up and tell you about their troubles.

Ask them what they think would happen if they don’t solve the problem; this will make them feel more and talk more. Give them room to pour their heart out without interruptions.

Limit your side of the talk to only 20 percent. Bottom line, if you can get to the root of the pain, and get your prospect to realize that your product or service can solve it, chances are you’ll close the deal.

Remember that making a prospect realize their problem can make them buy even what they were not planning to. Likewise, if you fail to make them know that they need your product or service, they can end up not buying what they had intended to buy.

2. Believe that you will make the sale

Believing in your ability to make a sale has a massive impact. It doesn’t matter if you’re closing an ecommerce sale, on phone call, or a face-to-face sale. Considering that you will make that sale right from the start is the secret behind a successful deal.

From the beginning of your sales presentation, assume that the prospect is going to buy. Don’t start your presentation if you are taking it just as a trial.

This will cause you to have a very weak presentation that will not convince a customer to make a purchase.

When you start thinking that the prospect will not buy, you will never have a strong presence that can satisfy the prospective client.

When you believe you are going to make a sale, you’ve got the sale, and no one will disagree with you.

3. Ask for the business

It is surprising that many companies and people don’t have a culture of closing

They do almost everything right, but when it reaches a point where the customer is about to place an order or pull the wallet, they blow it!

The key to selling success is to ask for the business in a transparent, blunt, and honest way. Be real with people; tell them how you can help them.

Typically during sales when people sense a prospect’s interest, they rush to close the sale, bringing out their big guns and launching all the reasons the possibility should buy. 


In conclusion, remember that people want what they can’t have. This is a proven fact. Business start-ups usually get a lot of inquiries but end up getting an equally large number of price objections. What’s the solution to this?

Instead of selling to everyone, make a ‘waiting list’ and make new clients to fill out an application to get on it. This would help you to access their background and see what price level can perfectly match them. This will increase your closing ratio. It will also eliminate idlers who are not interested in making purchases and will reduce price objections.

Author: Usman Raza is the co-founder of a Christian Social Media Agency and marketing strategist working with various brands online. Usman is the content marketing manager at an Email Marketing Agency, Best PSD to WordPress, and Nano Hearing Aids. He is devoted to helping small businesses bridge success gaps by providing in-depth, actionable advice on digital marketing, SEO, and small business growth. Follow him on Twitter @usmanintrotech.

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