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3 Books every aspiring entrepreneur should read

3 Books every aspiring entrepreneur should read

Every year a new batch of aspiring young people enter into the world of business to show case their talent. Unlike the era of our parents and grand parents , this generation is mostly keen on entering the business world by starting their own business. The ratio of the young generation involved in business is getting higher with each year. This might include freelancing, entrepreneurship etc.  If you are also a fresh graduate planning to follow the footsteps of successful business men like Aqeel Karim Dhedhi and others, here is what you must do. The best thing is that today’s generation have so many resources to get help while previous generations were short on helpful resources.

Here we have gathered the list of helpful books that will come handy for you if you no idea how to kick start your journey.

The Non Technical Founder by Josh MacDonald

If you have a great tech idea which you wants to translate into a successful business or a start-up but you are not equipped with the know how of coding, this is for you. Not everyone is an engineer. Bit everyone can have a good tech idea. The best thing about the digital era is that you don’t need to be a software geek to work with technical stuff. This book provides first hand information given be multi million dollar software companies. The information is centrally for the non techie people and they are absolutely easy to comprehend. 3

 Dear Millennial by Chelann AR Greinger

This book is specifically curated for the millennial looking for help in the business world. It explains the risk phenomenon in the right Millennial language. It also give year insights about which business is right for you and how should you begin it with the budget you have at hand.

Make Trouble by John Waters

It is often said that sometimes when you are off to create a legacy, it will require you to pioneer industries. But It is also important to know that being on the leading side can feel lonely or create doubts in mind.  In this book the author John Waters advises being the readers to remain pragmatic and also to learn how to stay creative without having the fear of rejection. Overall this book works as a great reminder for aspiring entrepreneurs for starting off or needing confirmation that it’s alright to work differently.

These books are equipped with bundles of tips and tricks and necessary information for any aspiring entrepreneur to begin. They help in aligning the processes of any business in such a pattern that your business will eventually flourish. To be successful with any venture or to find the best way to begin with a venture, these books will be your absolute help. Read them, learn from them and then you might create your own Bahria Town or AKD Group some day.

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