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2020 Best Confectioneries for Wedding in USA

2020 Best Confectioneries for Wedding in USA

Confectionery items are loved by everyone. They are the center of attraction of all celebrations. Especially weddings seem incomplete without them. If you get a chance to visit any wedding in the USA you will find a variety of confectionery items. Either they are displayed beautifully on the wedding table or packed in attractive custom printed boxes to fascinate the guests. These bakery items are loved because of their peculiar aroma and taste. The confectioners work on every little detail to make their creations up to the mark. The couple will never want to spoil their special day by serving sub-standard food items. Here is the list of some of the top confectionaries in the USA to make your wedding day special. They offer a variety of delights according to your taste. The use of organza bags, pails or custom printed boxes helps to retain their quality till your guests consume the last bite. 

Cherry Top Bakery:

Cherry Top Bakery:

Cherry Top Bakery is one of the most famous confectionaries for the wedding. It is located at 915 College Ave, South Houston, TX, USA. The bakery supplies you with custom wedding and occasional cakes with a Latin twist. Tacos are another popular food item which you will never like to miss. The confectionary has contracted with large wholesale box companies to provide it with cardstock packaging at cost-effective rates. If you see its reviews, people have left several positive comments about it. Some of them think that it’s the best bakery in South Houston with reasonable prices. The taste is awesome and the service is quick. It offers a wide range of cakes for a wedding. The cakes are made in different shapes, sizes, flavors, and layers depending upon the requirement of the couple. Some of its popular creations are Cherry on the top, classic white, German Chocolate, and, red velvet cake, etc.

Bittersweet Pastry Shop and Café:

Bittersweet Pastry Shop

It offers specialty cakes for wedding, cookies, bread, and various sweet and savory pastries. It is situated at 1114 W Belmont Avenue, Chicago, USA. Often the couples want a variety of confectioneries along with the main wedding cake. This place is a good option for them. You will find several items here to add more festivity to your big day. All the creations are prepared with love from scratch. Bittersweet confectionery makes your dream wedding come true. It is one of the finest manufacturers of wedding cakes in Chicago. The team works closely with you to select the best combination of flavors, fillings, and finishes according to your taste. Once the items are prepared they are packed in attractively designed custom printed boxes wholesale to deliver them to the destination.

Alliance Bakery:

Alliance Bakery

Alliance bakery is well-known for its fully decorated cupcakes, specialty cakes, European pastries, iced cookies, and other wedding desserts. It is situated in 1736 Division St, Chicago, USA. The confectionery makes custom design cakes well-suited for any occasion. Its creations are perfect enough to add more charm to your big day. The team works closely to create a perfect mix of flavors and beauty in your unique wedding style. In addition to signature wedding cakes, alliance bakery also offers an array of mini desserts for sweet tables and wedding favors. The items are delivered in pink shipping boxes wholesale to add to their presentation.

Termini Bros Bakery:

Bros Bakery

It is one of the most highly ranked wedding confectionaries of the USA, located in Philadelphia. It is a legendary Italian bakery famous for its cakes, cookies and other sweet treats. It was established in 1921. Quality, Integrity, and traditions are its benchmarks. Termini Bros Bakery is equipped with antique machines with honored techniques. It creates high-quality products which are hard to find somewhere else in the world. Its products and presentation are famous all around the globe. Exceptionally designed custom boxes wholesale is used to package its variety of products.

City Cakes:

City Cakes

This confectionery is famous for basic and custom cakes, specialty cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and other tempting desserts. City Cakes has been running their operation from New York, United States. Some of its famous wedding cakes include floral and texture beauty cake, orchid and gold cake, naked forest wedding cake, ivory floral cake and much more. The cakes are decorated with sugar paste flowers to match with the theme of the event. The manufacturer is best known for its custom cakes since 2007. Its cakes are famous all over the country. The product is shipped in custom shipping boxes wholesale for cakes to keep them safe during the transition.

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