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15 Low-Maintenance Plants for an Apartment

15 Low-Maintenance Plants for an Apartment

Plants can add so much life to an apartment. But, a dying plant can seriously drag down the mood of your apartment.

So if you don’t have a green thumb, or if your apartment offers little natural light, don’t go hanging your head just yet. You just need the right plants!

These 15 low-maintenance plantsare perfect for keeping in an apartment. This list should renew your hope of having a home full of flourishing greenery!

Note: We’ve organized this list by area. You’ll find plants to keep next to the window, plants to keep in the bathroom or kitchen, and more.

Close to The Window

Some plants can thrive in the home, and their favorite spot is right by the window. They need some extra light but don’t need direct sunlight all day.


Aloe plants have long been used for beauty and medicinal purposes. This low-maintenance plant brings some green into your home without requiring constant attention.

In fact, it doesn’t even need much water (once every two or three weeks is fine). What it does need is sunlight, which is why you should place it near your window.


Ferns have a beautiful appearance and bring a whimsical feel to any room.

There are many different types of ferns that can thrive indoors. Check out this article on the types of ferns and how to care for them.

These popular house plants like to have plenty of light on them. Aside from that, they only require moist soil and a regular misting of their fronds.

Meyer Lemon

Do you like the smell of lemons? You’ll love having a Meyer lemon tree in your home!

They smell great and are easy to care for. If it gets at least six hours of direct sunlight every day, your tree will even produce lemons for you to harvest.

In the Bathroom

Some plants are perfect for the bathroom. Not only do they bring nature into your home, but they’ll also improve the air quality of the room.

Chinese Money Plant

This small plant loves humidity, making it a great plant to keep in your bathroom. It is also known as the UFO plant or pancake plantdue to its flat, round leaves.

This plant is healthiest when it’s not overwatered.

Prayer Plant

This is another plant that likes humidity, but it needs to be watered frequently. You might enjoy the beautiful striped leaves of this plant.

English Ivy

English ivy is a great plant to keep in your bathroom because it filters out toxins and helps to eliminate mold. It has beautiful trailing stems with light and dark green leaves.

This plant can grow with little light and prefers dryer soil, so it truly is a no-fuss houseplant. You can even cut off parts of the stem and use them to grow more English ivy plants!

On a Shelf or Hung from the Wall/Ceiling

Hanging or trailing plants can also be grown in your apartment. Of course, you’ll need to place them in a spot where they have plenty of room to grow.

These plants work well on a bookshelf, on a shelf of their own, or suspended from the wall or ceiling.

Pothos Vine

With a little light, this low-maintenance vine can survive in most environments. It can even climb with a little help.

Like many other plants, it also has air purifying abilities, so it’ll add more than just beauty to your bathroom.

Spider Plant

This plant gets its name from its appearance. It has a big, bushy body with smaller plants hanging from it that look like spiders’ legs.

Although they require some water,they will droop to let you know when to water them. This makes caring for a spider plant very easy.

These plants do well in bedrooms because they thrive off carbon monoxide. So, while you’re emitting all of that CO in your sleep, your spider plant will be eating it up!

String of Pearls

This is a succulent plant that grows long, hanging tendrils of pea-shaped leaves. It requires some direct light and prefers dry soil.

For a Small Stand

Some plants do best when they have their own little spot, like a plant stand. These three plants are great to place on an end table or a stand by the window. 

ZZ Plant

The ZZ plant can survive for months without water and can survive in most lighting conditions. If you have a reputation for killing plants, this is a tough one to kill.

Snake Plant

This plant purifies the air and releases oxygen, making it a good choice to place on a stand in your bedroom. It survives with little light or water.

Zebra Plant

As a type of succulent, this plant prefers dry soil. It is a cute little plant, growing to a maximum height of eight inches.

On the Floor

Some plants are just too big to be kept anywhere but on the ground. These three are good examples of low-maintenance plants to keep on the floor of your apartment.

Arrowhead Vine

With its enormous tropical leaves, this plant will certainly brighten any room in your apartment. It can survive on little light, so you can tuck it into a corner.

It does enjoy moist soil. To keep the soil watered, get an automatic watering globe to do most of the work for you.

Rubber Tree

A rubber tree has big, shiny leaves that need spritzing every once in a while.

This plant wants light but not too much. Keeping it by a window with sheer curtains can help itthrive.

Areca Palm

This palm can grow up to seven feet tall, so make sure to give it plenty of space.

It only requires watering every other week and provides a nice tropical feel to your apartment.


When choosing which of these wonderful plants to buy, make sure you have a spot in your apartment that provides everything it needs. Whether it needs sunlight, moisture, or anything else, the right home will keep your plant healthy all year long.

And sure, you might still lose a plant or two, but that’s just part of horticulture. You can’t save them all!

Author Bio:

Dominique Daniels is the Business Manager at Broadstone Pullman, a luxury apartment community in Frisco, TX.

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