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Carbon fiber– 15 Ideas Regarding Carbon Fiber Use

Carbon fiber– 15 Ideas Regarding Carbon Fiber Use

Carbon fiber is a material that offers an outstanding appearance and properties including high stiffness and low weight. This material is used during manufacture of high-performance bikes or F1 racing cars, as well as other every day products described below.


Do you know someone who has a carbon fiber ring? Actually it is a very unique wedding or any other signet ring.  Manufacturing includes milling of carbon fiber panels of specific thickness. One carbon fiber panel may include as many as 40 layers whereas milling imparts a unique appearance and gloss. Rings are available from 100 USD per item. 


Carbon fiber is a perfect material to manufacture unique and prestigious products therefore a few suppliers offer carbon fiber veneered Hi-end loudspeakers. For this purpose 0.5 mm carbon fiber sheets are cut to size with CNC machine. 

3.Business cards 

No doubt many times you were given a business card that resembled many others. Now you can have unique business cards that will make lasting impression on any person who receives them and you can stand out from the crowd. These carbon fiber business cards at the end undergo overprinting (e.g.  UV) and varnishing.


Few people know that carbon fiber may be as sharp as steel. For this purpose some blades are made from machining carbon fiber sheets that undergo machining with CNC machine and sharpening. The advantage is corrosion resistance and disadvantage relates to poor hardness and limited use, as knives are mostly purposed for cutting paper and vegetables. Carbon fiber knives are available from 50 USD. 

5.Mouse pads 

A mouse pad is an example of every day product made from carbon fiber sheets. Mouse pads are available from 50 USD.


Coasters made from carbon fiber panel is an example of every day product for use in office and home. Elegant coasters make special the time when you have a tea or coffee. Coasters are made from carbon fiber sheets 2-3mm thick and are provided with special backing that prevents slippage. Carbon fiber coasters are available from 10 USD per item. 

7.Wheel rims 

It has long been know that wheel rim weight affects car performance, for example low weight of wheel rims reduces energy used by drive system. In consequence it reduces fuel consumption and improves speeding-up. Steel rims are very heavy, whereas aluminum ones are lighter and carbon fiber ones feature with the lowest weight. Unfortunately due to complex production process of carbon fiber parts cured in autoclave processing these rims are costly and are used mainly in racing cars e.g. Paganni or Koenigsegg and high-performance cars.  Carbon fiber wheel rims are very costly and are available from 10 000 – 15 000 USD per 4 items.

8.Car body components (bonnet, spoilers, diffusers)

F1 racing cars feature with 100% carbon fiber body. Racing car parts are manufactured using advanced technology related to pre-preg composites and autoclave composites. Carbon fiber is also used by some manufactures namely in cars like BMW M3 or Chevrolet Corvette to impart racing style and prestige. For this purpose cars are fitted with carbon fiber elements like diffusers, front bumper attachments, bonnets or interior design elements. 

Many not OEM suppliers offer also carbon fiber accessories and body parts that improve aerodynamics and car performance. 

9.Diving fins 

Carbon fiber diving fins offer special performance thanks to elasticity and energy release. These fins offer high dynamics that is crucial for free-divers who seek high mobility when under surface. Carbon fiber fins are available from 190 USD.

10.Satellite dishes 

Satellite dishes for military purposes must meet specific requirements. Standard aluminum satellite dishes do not provide precision due to material thermal expansion. Therefore carbon fiber satellite dishes have been designed that proved to offer the best precision from all available in the world. These satellite dishes are manufactured from prepreg composites and they are installed mostly on military helicopters and ships.

11.X-ray scanner table tops 

Very few people know that carbon fiber does not inhibit x-ray radiation and does not generate magnetic field. These properties make this material perfect for X-ray scanner table tops what ensures short time of medical scanning, precise results and prevents excessive exposure to X-ray radiation. 

12.Electric boats 

Electric cars are known to everybody today but how about electric boats? There a few suppliers who offer electric boats fitted with foil or wing under water to lift the boat’s hull until it is totally outside the water, what reduces friction and ensures futuristic design. In fact these boats are very light as hull is made of carbon fiber sheets and structures (80-90%).

13.Automated machine arms and other parts

Production processes in 21 century offer high repeatability and efficiency. Actually it is possible thanks to unrivalled industry robots the work 24/7, without any demands for higher salary or holiday. Industry robot work speed depends mainly on arm weight, and carbon fiber arm weighs ca. 30% less than aluminum one what ensures speed higher as much as 20-30%. In figures, a robot fitted with carbon fiber arm that performs 1000m of welds a month may perform 200-300m welds more. 

14.Foot orthosis 

Most of us have heard about Oscar Pistorius – a professional sprinter who was the first double-leg amputee to participate in the Olympic Games, wearing carbon fiber orthoses that provided additional elasticity for artificial limbs. He became a Paralympic champion who won 6 gold medals. Specially designed carbon fiber orthoses made his appearance possible at the IAAF meeting on 15 July 2007 and he became the first double-leg amputee to participate in the Olympic Games. After biomechanics research scientists claimed that artificial limbs gave him an unfair advantage. 

Carbon fiber is also used for manufacture of high-performance and every day orthoses, as well as ones for people with neurological disorders. Carbon fiber is a perfect material for this purpose thanks to some properties, namely elasticity and release of energy. Autoclave composites are moslty used in this case. 

15.Key organizer 

With a specially designed case that organizes the keys you will have no more worries about bunch of keys rattling in pocket from a mile away. Key organizer made from carbon fiber ensures quick reach of keys, prevents poking of trousers and offers stylish prestigious appearance. 
The above examples relate to some reference use of cutting carbon fiber, but this unique material has a massive application potential. Note that it may be processed easily so you can cut a carbon fiber panel to a desired size. Moreover many companies offer services related to cutting carbon fiber panels. Do you have any carbon fiber product? Please let us know about your ideas. 

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