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12 Social Media Management Tools to Help Boost Your Efforts

12 Social Media Management Tools to Help Boost Your Efforts

To create videos:

FlexClip : With it, creating amazing videos doesn’t require much effort. This tool works with the drag and drop technique, and has many templates from which you can choose to beautify your creations. Of course, if you prefer, you can use the traditional editor for compositions with stylized text, background music, narration and much more. Videos can be saved as drafts for editing at a later time and it is very easy to share them once ready.

Loopster : A simple online video editor, with a little more affordable plans to create videos without the watermark.

To edit photo (without having a clue about Photoshop):

FotoJet : It has filters, options for creating collages and many more advanced functions that are easy to use.

Easel : Create infographics in a simple way, choosing the components from a control panel and dragging them intuitively.

To make presentations:

Prezi : If you are bored of the typical Power Point presentation, this tool will help you make more dynamic presentations without any complications.

PowToon : If you want to make a different presentation, with animations and fun, the templates offered in powtoon are especially lively. The format used for this is the video, which allows you to export them directly to YouTube.

To do mailing campaigns:

Mailchimp : The online manager to do email marketing campaigns par excellence. It allows you to create templates for your newsletter and the free plan allows you to send up to 12,000 emails to 2000 subscribers.

Aweber : Simpler tool and focused mainly on editorial publications.

To manage multiple social networks:

Hootsuite : He is the manager par excellence. Especially useful if you need to schedule your publications.

Everypost : Application for mobile devices that not only allows you to manage Facebook and Twitter, but also includes LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr and DropBox.

To cure content:

Scoop : You can configure your own page and it turns out to be a source of fresh and constantly updated content. : Create your own digital media magazine and go to it to access a potential catalog of 250 million daily posts.

These are just some tools that can help you optimize your time and improve your network communication strategy. 

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