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Top 10 Ways To Increase App Downloads

Top 10 Ways To Increase App Downloads

If you are reading this post, then it probably indicates that you’re going through the dilemma of seeking ways for boosting your app downloads. Worry not, you’ve come to the right place, as the current article is designated to provide complete guidance to widen your eyes!

Each day numerous apps are released to app stores, making it difficult for your app to attract more visitors and turn them into active users. You may cater to an effective strategy that will allow your app rise above from the pile and subsequently increase number of its users.

A well-decorated marketing strategy with all the available resources is essential to Increase App Downloads. So, without wasting further time let’s dive in and start manifesting the rate for app downloads.

Complete Guidance To Increase App Downloads

Whether you are an experienced app developer or a start-up, needless to say, you’ve gone through the heat of increasing rivalry. In this context, following ways to increase app downloads will effectively increase volume of your app user base and surpass the competitors.

Let’s get started!

Make Your App Freely Available

At the very onset of its journey, your app may not be able to perform well in terms of trust and convenience. So, it would be better for you to launch your product as freely available- it will increase the rate for downloads of your app.

If your app is already launched and it is extant as paid version, then hurry as you many miss the opportunity to lose your many potential users. The more your app will be downloaded, the more chances for it to gain the trust of visitors and turn them into potential buyers.

As reports from Statistica suggests, “the freemium pricing model is the highest-earning strategy” effective for both Apple App Store and Google play store. In this context, providing of base version at free of cost where premium features are only reserved for paid versions will be effective. 

Focus More On App Store Optimization (ASO)

App store optimization (ASO) is a dual feeding process where you need to make sure of your product standard and also consider several parameters such as app title, keywords and description of the app according to current app store trends.

Instead of dependability of app store optimization upon metadata, you need to conceptualize how keywords concerning apps of different categories act. For example, trivial and media games are likely to rank better in search results as compared to general games.

To be precise, app store optimization is the process where rank for your app is hugely determined by both several on-page and off-page factors.

Engage Social Media That Will Increase Its Familiarity

Application of social media is gradually increasing and has become an indispensable part of daily lives. It furnishes business organizations with the opportunity to manifest their products to a wider range of potential consumers within less stipulated time frame.

In this situation, in order to surpass rivals you might cater to these social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and so on.

If you’re on a tight budget and are too keen to develop larger consumer base, then leveraging available social media platforms are much effective than other conventional promoting methods or PPC (pay-per-click) model.

Create An Icon That Is Both Exquisite And Attractive

With the increasing number of apps released each day, it has become tougher for new apps to click in the minds of visitors and helps to draw their attention. But you need to make sure that your app bears resemblance with its functionalities and conveys a clear message for what purpose your app has been developed.

Provide Frequent Updates For Your App

After releasing your app, you must not withdraw attention from your app and may need to provide regular updates. This not only increases the chances for fixing loopholes in its first position but also helps you to incorporate features in demand that were unavailable prior to consumer feedback.

In addition, it also helps you to reduce its vulnerability to viruses and malware.

Name And Describe Your App Appropriately

Besides app icon, another thing a consumer encounters at first glimpse is the app name- the more crispy, trendy and relevant your app name is, the more chances for it to attract attention of more visitors. Furthermore, the longer the chances for your app name to stick in the minds of them.

Along with the title, inclusion of a brief and appropriate description of your app helps you increase its likelihood to be more reliable and productive. Also, you can include appropriate keywords that will allow you to increase performance in ASO.

However, while naming your app you need to consider three parameters- avoid similarity in name with another app name, name length needs to be shorter and the name should justify its functionalities.

Build Online Presence of Your App

Leveraging online presence is very important to market your app!

You can create a dedicated landing page for your app and provide content with respect to its features and functionalities.

There are several app development tools such as WordPress, that will help you to master the process for web development without much expertise.

This will increase the knowledge for your app among its visitors and turn them into active users.

Further including of you can also feature blog posts describing features of your app along with other relevant information while maintaining the theme for your webpage intact will boost conversion rates.

Use Eye-Catchy Screen Shots And Videos

As mentioned earlier, linguistic representation is not going to impress the potential visitors-

you need to use graphical contents along with to rise above the crowd of competing apps. You can include screenshot and small feature-highlighting videos from crucial stages of your app that will empower it to attract attention.

Build and defend

Encourage Your User To Provide Ratings And Feedback

Highlighting your app to users is only one part of increasing conversion rates. Since your users found your app, it’s time to convince them that your app is trustworthy and encourage them to download your app. This is the time when reviews come into play.

According to the surveys led by Nielsen’s Global Trust, “users generally tend to trust word-of-mouth recommendations such as user reviews, over forms of advertising.”

You can motivate them to provide user reviews through in-app messages. In this regard, you need to be careful whether your approach is overemphasized or not, as it might lead to negative results.

Reviews, on one hand, secure standard and applicability of your app to your potential downloaders and on the other, furnishes you with the opportunity to implement user-engagement. If the review does come in forms of suggestions or complaints, your response could make your users feel good for your responsiveness. With frequent practice of this, you can gain trust of your users and it will eventually increase the rate of downloads.

Develop Your App Mobile-Oriented

Last, but not the least of all other parameters of app marketing strategies, development of mobile-friendly applications is too important to ignore. More than 70% of total website traffic is generated from mobile devices and the deviation in mobile-computer user balance is further tilting.

In this context, consideration of mobile-compatibility is must one or you are about to lose your lion share of user base in forms of mobile users.

Hence, from the above discussion, we can summarize that, in order to increase the rate for your app download will be two-staged effort. First of all, you need to attract potential users to visit your website, thereafter you need to convince them of your product quality and make a conversion.


Instead of the fact that quality and standard are two interchangeable terms mandatory to maintain while developing an application, a well-strategized approach that increases brand awareness is one crucial factor. If you do not highlight your product to its target consumers, then you’ve lost half the battle already.

An effective marketing strategy fulfills all the requisite criteria mentioned above, and following these will substantially increase the number of its users. 

It’s all ends to target consumers whom your app is destined to- so while making strategies to market your application, you need to consider its users along with the requisites that fulfill your desired outcomes.

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