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10 Steps to Get 1st Position on Google Rankings

10 Steps to Get 1st Position on Google Rankings

Organic SEO is a process of optimizing website copy and HTML to help your website rank higher on search engines like Google and Bing. If you are having a website, then having a clear understanding of organic search engine optimization will benefit you in a great way. In this way, you can find potential customers easily.

If you want to get the flow of customers through Google #1 ranking, then stop here and read the ten organic search engine optimization techniques to let everyone find your website through organic search engine optimization:

1-Understand Your Customer Needs

It is very important for you to figure out the type of words and phrases called keywords consumers are using to look at your product and services on search engines. You should make a list of these terms to start your keyword research. To stay organized, you need to create an excel sheet or a Google sheet.

2- Conduct a Keyword Research

This is a very significant step because this will help you what phrases or keywords your consumers are using to search for a product or service. Keyword research is an important part of SEO strategy. If you are not able to do it on your own, then you should avail the Boston SEO services from a professional company.

A few things that you need to look when doing keyword research are as follows:

  • Monthly volume of searches on a specific keyword is found by using different methods. If you are having a Google Ads account, then you can use a keyword planner to do this step. If you get any keyword high in searches, then note it down.
  • Keyword difficulty is a number that will tell you how difficult it is to rank for a certain keyword. If the number is high, then it will be more difficult to rank for it. There are a few sites that can provide information about keyword difficulty. Just record the number in your Google or excel you made previously.
  • An ideal keyword will be having monthly searches and low keyword difficulty. Once you are able to find a keyword that is relevant to your business, it will be having a relatively high search volume and low keyword difficulty. However, you need to learn how the local searches will affect organic search engine optimization.

3-Understanding Localized Keyword Search

Wondering, how to increase website traffic through Google? You need to focus on localized searches. For instance, if you are looking for shoe shops in Atlanta, then you will search shoe shop and if you get the results of shoe shops in Los Angeles, then this will not be helpful for you. Due to this fact, Google inquiries about your location when you are going to make a search and will show you the results that are near you.

Local SEO keyword research is very crucial. You should be very careful when doing this task. If you want to rank better in local searches, then set Google My Business page. This tool will help your business to pop up in localized searches. It is free of cost and just needs a physical address for your business.

4-Research Your Competition

Doing research for your competition is one of the important steps for SEO optimization. You should search the words that you have chosen and look at websites. Are they utilizing the keyword in website copy? How many times they are using it? This information will give you an idea of how to use keywords in your website copy when you are going to start implementing changes for organic search engine optimization.

Note that the website’s domain authority and page authority are very important. The number ranges from 1 to 100 and this will indicate the strength of the website’s domain or a specific page.

5-Try Building Links

Link building in SEO is an essential part of your organic search engine optimization. Utilizing the copy of your website for linking it with other relevant pages on and off your website will increase the number of links. Inbound links will keep viewers on your website. You can link your blog posts, information pages, and other services pages. Furthermore, you should keep the quality of inbound links and anchor text in your mind.

6-Go for Blogging

Writing a blog will not only help you in organic search engine optimization but it will act as a source to provide valuable information to your potential customers. You should be adopting blogging SEO best practices for the best results. With your blog, you can build up you authority and you can become a leader in your industry. To optimize your keywords, you should write a blog with a word count of 500 to 2000 words.

7-Integrate Keyword in On-site Copy

After you are done picking keywords, now you have to figure out which pages you are going to optimize for higher ranking. Your Homepage is the best place to start. It will typically hold a wide range of information about your product or service. This page also leads your visitor to the desired pages they want to go to. Furthermore, if you are having informative pages, then you can choose them as well instead of your homepage.

8-Updating your HTML

As you are updating your websites; copy, you also need to change your HTML heading tags most importantly H1 and H2 title pages along with your meta descriptions and URLs. You should put a relevant keyword here. Note that the search engine will take these words into consideration when they are going to list out relevant web pages in search results.

9-Tracking Your Rankings

You should track your keyword ranking. It is very important just like the way you searched the keyword and integrated them on your website. If you are not tracking the things, then you will be having no information either the keyword is working or not.

10-Get Assistance

This entire process is not an easy task to do. You can’t do it alone. You need to connect with more people to get their assistance in various tasks. Furthermore, if you are not aware of these things, then you can hire a competent SEO company and let them do their work. The expert will take care of everything and will create an effective strategy to improve your ranking. 

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